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 {{ :​resources:​adventure:​worldmap_2.jpg?​nolink |}} {{ :​resources:​adventure:​worldmap_2.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +=====The Outside World=====
 +As of [[resources:​adventure:​viam_inveniam_aut_faciam| Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam]] some more is known about the outside world.
 +====Fools Landing====
 +   * The region around the river Eriden (known as the blightwater outside Rastaban) is blighted and inhospitable due to the effects of the corrupted river running through it. 
 +   * This has led the region to not be claimed by any great power and instead a motley town called Fools Landing has cropped up home to those who cannot find a place elsewhere.
 +   * As of the events of [[resources:​adventure:​casus_belli|Casus Belli]] fools landing is now a smoking ruin occupied by the Empire of Rastaban.
 +====The Empire of Rastaban====
 +   * A large militaristic nation to the south, they are actively expanding northward - into the region of fools landing.
 +   * They do not worship any Muses, but do follow three paths: those of the mind, body, and spirit. These seem to correspond roughly to the Throne, the Rod and the Torch respectively.
 +   * They link their nations with wayroads which speed travel. ​
 +====The Unbroken Chain====
 +  * A nation ruled by several dynasties of plane binders.
 +====The Philosophy of Seluga====
 +  * A large nation of the other side of the Forest.
 +  * Not much is known of them other than that they are ruled by a council of philosophers. ​
 +  * A mountainous region to the east.
 +  * An island nation to the north.
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