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 | ^Date^GM^Level^Title^Brief^ | ^Date^GM^Level^Title^Brief^
-^Michaelmas|02/11/2019 \\ 3rd Week |Katie|Low|Conflicting Feelings III|The Lord of Fire and Tremors seeks able minions in a matter of extreme megalomania+^Hilary|25/1/2020 \\ 1st Week|Moonrise playtest 1|???|???|???
-^Michaelmas|09/11/2019 \\ 4th Week |George|Mid|Exodus|In a coastal Imperial city, something has gone horribly wrong.| +^Hilary|1/2/2020 \\ 2nd Week|George|N/A|Epoch Playtest|In a world gone to hell, a few unfortunates make an attempt to salvage Sibilance City from the monsters that infest it.| 
-^Michaelmas|16/11/2019 \\ 5th Week |Mat|???|???| +^Hilary|8/2/2020 \\ 3rd Week|Anna|???|???|???| 
-^Michaelmas|23/11/2019 \\ 6th Week |???​|???​|???​| +^Hilary|15/2/2020 \\ 4th Week|Moonrise playtest 2|???​|???​|???​| 
-^Michaelmas|30/11/2019 \\ 7th Week |Katie|High|Trouble at the Ichorwerks VIII|A bold initiative by the Imperial Commission looks to elevate Ichorwerkers to even greater heights| +^Hilary|22/2/2020 \\ 5th Week|Emma|???​|???​|???​| 
-^Michaelmas|07/​12/​2019 \\ 8th Week |???​|???​|???​| +^Hilary|29/2/2020 \\ 6th Week|Katie|High|Trouble at the Ichorwerks X|Following the Calamity at the Commission, something is hunting down the last remaining Ichorwerkers...
-^Michaelmas|14/12/2019 \\ 9th Week |???|???|???+^Hilary|7/3/2020 \\ 7th Week|Anna|Mid-High|The Guise of Sanctity|A Good Citizen is Loyal.
-^Michaelmas|21/12/2019 \\ 10th Week |???|???|???+^Hilary|14/3/2020 \\ 8th Week|Mat|???​|???​|???​|
-^Michaelmas|28/12/2019 \\ 11th Week |???​|???​|???​|+
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