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-| ^Date^GM^Level^Title^Brief^| +| ^Date^GM^Level^Title^Brief^ 
-^Hilary|12/01/2019 \\ 0th Week |George|Mid|The Flood|The Magisters of Rom seek help with a colossal conflict incursion| +^Trinity|25/05/2019 \\ 4th Week |Iain|Whatever|The Hunt is On|Chevalier Giles Beastbane seeks stalwart companions for an expedition deep into Conflict.
-^Hilary|19/​01/​2019 \\ 1st Week |Seb|Varied|Shadow Song|The Order of the Torch request ​an act of kindness+^Trinity|01/06/2019 \\ 5th Week |Mat|High|Assuming Direct Control|???| 
-^Hilary|22/01/2019 \\ 2nd Week **Tuesday** Freeform |Seb/​Mat|???​|???​|???​| +^Trinity|08/06/2019 \\ 6th Week |George|Any|The Natural History of Fear|L̩̟̠̩̠͇͞e̦̞t̨̰ ̗̺̜̳͕Ụ̞̲̙͓s͉͓̘͉ ̶B̞͢e҉͉.̣̩̯̲̯̮
-^Hilary|26/​01/2019 \\ 2nd Week  |Mat|???|???|???| +^Trinity|15/06/2019 \\ 7th Week |Seb|???|Bets Against the Void|???| 
-^Hilary|02/02/2019 \\ 3rd Week |Peyton|???​|???​|???​| +^Trinity|22/06/2019 \\ 8th Week |???​|???​|???​|???​|
-^Hilary|09/​02/​2019 \\ 4th Week |JC|???​|???​|???​| +
-^Hilary|16/​02/​2019 \\ 5th Week (Night LARP)|Tom|Mid|Trouble at the Ichorwerks VI|A nice sunny afternoon adventure| +
-^Hilary|19/​02/2019 \\ 6th Week **Tuesday** Freeform ​|Sally|Any|Mystery at Mordere Mansion|There'been a murder (oh no)! Did a ghost do it? Or a //butler//? Or a __//ghost butler//__? WOOOOOOOooooo.| +
-^Hilary|23/02/2019 \\ 6th Week |Anna|???|???|???| +
-^Hilary|02/03/2019 \\ 7th Week |Seb/Mat|???|???|???| +
-^Hilary|09/​03/​2019 \\ 8th Week |James W|???​|???​|???​|+
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