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 | ^Date^GM^Level^Title^Brief^ | ^Date^GM^Level^Title^Brief^
-^Michaelmas|23/11/2019 \\ 6th Week |Joe|The Gem of the South|The Circle of the Enlightened Mind is seeking people of adventurous spirit to assess what dangers remain in the forest and attempt to find the ruins of the long lost second city of the Empire.+^Hilary|25/1/2020 \\ 1st Week|Moonrise playtest 1|???|???|???
-^Michaelmas|30/11/2019 \\ 7th Week |Katie|High|Trouble at the Ichorwerks VIII|A bold initiative by the Imperial Commission looks to elevate Ichorwerkers ​to even greater heights+^Hilary|1/2/2020 \\ 2nd Week|George|N/A|Epoch Playtest|In a world gone to hell, a few unfortunates make an attempt ​to salvage Sibilance City from the monsters that infest it.
-^Michaelmas|07/12/2019 \\ 8th Week |Katie|Low/Mid|It’s Cold Outside|The Silent Regent herself orders an expeditionary force beyond the Barrier. ​ There was an Empire, once... ​+^Hilary|8/2/2020 \\ 3rd Week|Anna|???|???|???
-^Michaelmas|14/12/2019 \\ 9th Week |???​|???​|???​| +^Hilary|15/2/2020 \\ 4th Week|Moonrise playtest 2|???​|???​|???​| 
-^Michaelmas|21/12/2019 \\ 10th Week |???​|???​|???​| +^Hilary|22/2/2020 \\ 5th Week|Emma|???​|???​|???​| 
-^Michaelmas|28/12/2019 \\ 11th Week |???​|???​|???​|+^Hilary|29/2/2020 \\ 6th Week|Katie|High|Trouble at the Ichorwerks X|Following the Calamity at the Commission, something is hunting down the last remaining Ichorwerkers...| 
 +^Hilary|7/​3/​2020 \\ 7th Week|Anna|Mid-High|The Guise of Sanctity|A Good Citizen is Loyal.| 
 +^Hilary|14/​3/​2020 \\ 8th Week|Mat|???​|???​|???​|
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