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 +====== "​Usergm Matthew"​ ======
 +====Active Characters====
 +{{topic>"​usergm matthew"​ +pc -retired}}
 +====Dead/​Retired Characters====
 +{{topic>"​usergm matthew"​ +pc +retired}}
 +====Player Requests====
 +{{topic>"​usergm matthew"​ +playerrequest}}
 +===== Creating a Character =====
 +To create a new character, simply enter their name below and click create. A new page will be created on the wiki with a template character sheet for you to fill in. Please use underscores instead of spaces.
 +Action template _ user:"​Usergm Matthew":​pc:​
 +Fieldset "​Create a new Character"​
 +Textbox ​ "​Character Name" "​="​ @
 +submit "​Create"​
 +===== Requesting a Player Request Larp =====
 +To create a request for a player request larp, simply fill in the form below. A new page will be created on the wiki with a template for you to fill in. Please remember to only have one request per a character at any one time.
 +Action template _ user:"​Usergm Matthew":​playerrequest:​
 +fieldset "​Request a larp"
 +textbox ​ "​Character"​ "=The character the request is for"
 +textbox ​ "​Summary"​ "=A very quick description of the request"​ @
 +textarea ​ "​Further Details"​ "=All other relevant details"​ !
 +fieldset "​Submit Request"​
 +{{tag>​user "​usergm matthew"​}}
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