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 +  * You are at home in the wilderness. ​
 +  * You may track people through wilderness environments,​ do not suffer deprivation penalties, you may also ask the GM for useful information on common threats such a region has.
 +  * Gain a DODGE when in such a region. ​
 +  * This functions in normal wilderness but is likely to fail in the deep forest or other extreme environments. ​
 +  * With 10s medical roleplay you may call HEAL 4 to someone on their death count.
 +===Medical Knowledge===
 +  * You may diagnose diseases and mundane poisons. ​
 +  * You may also come up with a treatment regimen which can cure normal potency afflictions of the body between encounters.
 +  * In downtime, you can devise a treatment regimen to cure strong afflictions of the body.
 +===Combat Repairs===
 +  * You may treat another'​s wounds amidst the heat of combat. ​
 +  * With 10s medical roleplay in combat you may call HEAL 4 on an ally. 
 +  * Each ally may only be healed a number of times equal to their ranks of tough before they are weakened by this.
 +  * You may attempt to surgically treat afflictions between encounters. ​
 +  * You also have a greater understanding of medical practices. ​
 +  * You may cure strong afflictions of the body between encounters.
 +  * You may cure severe afflictions of the body in downtime. ​
 +  * You can also perform autopsies to attempt to discern information from dead bodies.
 +===Master Survivalist===
 +  * You may treat the deep forest and other extreme environments such as tundras or desert as favourable terrain.
 +  * This grants you full use of your survivalist skills whilst in those environments.
 +  * As long as you have a Survivalist skill sufficient to cover the terrain you’re travelling in, the whole party gains a DODGE. ​
 +  * For you, this is in addition to the one you get from Survivalist.
 +  * You have basic criminal talents.
 +  * You can pick simple locks and are capable of sneaking past people who are not paying attention such as bystanders of sleeping guards.
 +  * You are skilled at stealthily ranging ahead of the party and getting into prime positions. ​
 +  * Any time a combat starts that is in terrain for which you have the survivalist skill and is not a sudden surprise to your party, you may choose to begin the encounter in cover away from the main party. ​
 +  * Monsters will usually not notice you until you move or take an offensive action.
 +  * You are adept at putting together a disguise to cover your looks.
 +  * You are always ready to surprise your foes.
 +  * You can always use the flanking ability in terrain for which you have the survivalist skill, even when the party is caught by surprise.
 +  * You gain connections and influence among a group.
 +  * You may pick a group to gain the level one contacts skill with.
 +===Just Hear Me Out===
 +  * Your voice carries authority.
 +  * As long as combat is not in progress, you can, once per encounter, call JUST HEAR ME OUT and follow it with up to 30s of talking. ​
 +  * If you do, intelligent creatures will always listen to the end before initiating combat.
 +  * You have a wide breadth of knowledge on certain subjects. ​
 +  * Choose a relatively broad subject. ​
 +  * Your character is well informed on the ins and outs of it. 
 +  * You also gain one PSYCHE.
 +  * You are skilled at research and investigation. ​
 +  * You can quickly get the vague gist of any books or other such works you come across.
 +  * You are adept at piecing together clues left behind at the scene of a crime or event.
 +  * You are skilled at trickery and slight of hand. 
 +  * You may attempt to pickpocket someone after spending 5s roleplaying doing so without being noticed.
 +  * You are adept at hiding items about your person and in general can sneak objects up to the size of a dagger past searches.
 +  * You are a skilled climber. ​
 +  * The effects of this are at GM discretion, but it’s very useful for breaking and entering. ​
 +  * You are at home in the city. 
 +  * You may track people through city environments.
 +  * You may ask the GM for useful information on local threats.
 +  * You gain a DODGE in this environment.
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