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The Blessed

  • In recent years, individuals have been born with a strange mark upon them.
  • This mark usually manifests in the shape of a circle, though the size, detail and location varies from bearer to bearer.
  • Not much was thought of this mark until, ten years ago, a young child with a terminal disease came back from death itself, fully revitalized in the peak of health.
  • From this moment on the child recovered from all physical ailments with remarkable speed.
  • She is known as Lyra the Blessed.
  • Lyra has already assembled a small cult of loyal followers around her.
  • Since then, hundreds of people are known to have returned from death.
  • They persist despite the manner in which they are killed, free from affliction as though they were born anew.
  • It is said that even the Blessed themselves do not know the extent to which their Blessing protects them.
  • It is unknown how many of the populace are Blessed. Pursuit of this information would be tantamount to collecting a Census, which, as we all know, is Treason.

The Mark of the Blessed

  • All players have the mark of the Blessed upon them.
  • Whether or not they are open about this is up to them.
  • There is no requirement to physrep the mark, although it is encouraged.
  • The mark should include a circle of some form, though the rest of the design is up to you.
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