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Class Feature: Powered by Conflict

  • Conflict Weavers cast spells using Charge.
  • Conflict weavers gain 1 point of Charge for the following:
    • In combat: Landing a successful blow on an enemy
    • In combat: Taking a blow from an enemy
    • Out of combat: arguing for 10s
  • NB: a genuine conflict has to exist with the target of your conflict. Friends letting you hit them will not generate charge; arguments have to have teeth and be designed to anger.
  • When you cast a conflict spell, you deplete all accumulated Charge, dropping to 0 Charge.
  • Conflict spells cannot gain the caster Charge.
  • Charge is lost between encounters.
Planar Influence
  • When travelling in Conflict, you may choose to activate this ability once per encounter: the charge cost for spells is halved (rounded up). Notify a GM if you do this.
  • When travelling in Connection, the charge cost for your spells is doubled.


  • Rituals give weavers the ability to try more freeform magic to have greater or more long-lasting effects than normal spells.
  • The ritualist will specify an outcome they hope to attain by performing the ritual.
  • A standard ritual takes 2 minutes to cast. The ritualist may, if they wish, choose instead to cast the ritual instantaneously. This is not without risk and carries a 50% chance of something going seriously wrong with the ritual.
  • Ritual cast times are halved in a complimentary plane and doubled in an opposing plane.


  • The charge cost for each spell is listed after its name.

Level 1

Blazing Bolt 5
  • Call STAGGER.
Wave of Force 5
  • Call REPEL.
Perfect Insult 2
  • You may call YOU'RE THE WORST at another character. They gain the roleplaying effect that whatever you have just said is whatever they would find most insulting.

Level 2

Escalation 5
  • Make the last offensive call you took.
  • This call has to come from a genuine enemy.
  • This does not work on offensive calls that have a modifier (e.g. MASS STAGGER, BLAST STUN, etc.)
  • BACKSTAB calls gained in this way must be delivered by melee.
  • This call is overwritten at the end of the encounter.
Divine the cause of Wrack and Ruin 0
  • If you come across a combat or argument you make attempt to divine the spark that ignited the conflict.
  • When not in combat, you may ask a GM what is most likely to cause conflict in any given situation.
  • At GM discretion, this can help you discover what has caused a conflict as well.
First Strike 3
  • As long as you initiate combat you may strike for QUAD on your first 2 blows.

Level 3

Rend Apart the Earth Beneath 10
  • You force power into the earth beneath causing it to burst open.
  • You may call BLAST STAGGER.
Whirling Dervish 4
  • Whilst fighting alone, and engaged with more than one enemy, you may call X damage at an enemy within sword reach, where X is the number of enemies you are currently fighting.
  • This damage is capped at QUAD.

Level 4

Mind turned upon itself 1
  • Using this spell, you give form to an abstract fear, doubt or thought within yourself.
  • This will take the form of a psychic combat at GM discretion.
  • If you fail you cannot try and eliminate the same concept from your mind again this adventure.
    • As a roleplay effect, you should also be more preoccupied with this concept that otherwise normal.
  • If you succeed, the fear or doubt is expunged completely from your mind.
  • At GM discretion, this ability may also be used to purge afflictions of the mind.
Rage against the Storm 20
  • For the next 10s you gain no charge but HEAL 1 every time you land a blow.

Level 5

Eye of the Storm 15
  • You tap continually into the maelstrom sending out waves of destruction all around you of increasing intensity.
  • You can no longer make offensive calls, every time you gain 10 charge you must instantly spend it to call MASS DOUBLE STAGGER.
  • This effect only ends when you next drop to 0 hits or the end of the encounter.
The Earth Trembles 20
  • You turn the environment hostile against all who move within it.
  • This affects non-living entities.
  • In the desert, a sandstorm may arise; at sea, a storm; on a mountain, an avalanche.
  • When you use this ability call a TIME FREEZE. The GM will decide what happens.



Through Adversity I Gain Strength

  • Whenever a genuine enemy drops you to 0 hits, gain 5 charge.

Plane Sight

  • The Weaver's vision is overlayed with the plane to which they are aligned.
  • This allows weavers of all types to sense the intrusion of any plane into the waking world.
  • You can sense other Weavers and what alignment they are.
  • You can sense if someone has a conflict affliction, its severity, and gain some insight into what it does.
  • You can see and interact with familiars from your plane.


Req: Plane Sight

  • You have formed a bond with a being native to your plane.
  • Only you can see and hear your familiar.
  • They are a sentient intelligent creatures who spend most of their time about their own business in the plane.
  • They cannot normally interact with the material world but they can strengthen your spirit:
  • +1 psyche.

Nascent Ritualist

  • You have become adept at using the powers of the planes for more freeform but minor utility effects.
  • Three times per adventure you may cast rituals to achieve minor effects within the purview of your plan


Declare Nemesis (Downtime)

  • You may ritually declare someone or something your Nemesis.
  • This doesn't require any action of their part, they do not have to be present and could be far too powerful for you to ever win.
  • Knowledge of this declaration will spread throughout Rastaban.
  • Whenever you are working to thwart your Nemesis you may, once per encounter, declare that you are doing so and instantly gain 20 charge.
  • You can only ever have one Nemesis.
  • Using this Downtime ability again, you may re-target you Declaration or end it entirely.


Pre-req: Familiar

  • Once per adventure you may switch places with your familiar.
  • You may do this even on your death count if you wish.
  • Your spirit flung deep into the plane whilst theirs takes over your body.
  • For the rest of the encounter you roleplay as your familiar. There personality is upto you to define but should in some way be shaped by their plane.
  • They have the same stats as you, but you regain your hits, per-encounter abilities and resources as though this was the start of a new encounter.
  • You now have 20 Charge.
  • At the end of the encounter, you switch places again.

Ritual Chamber (Downtime)

  • As a Downtime action: you can perform a ritual of a power level you have mastered.

Planar Lore

  • You understand the nature of your own plane well.
  • If you ever find yourself there you gain all the benefits of the Survivalist skill.


Sense of Conflict

  • The first time combat starts each encounter, you may call DISAPPEARING.
  • You have up to 10s to relocate yourself before calling APPEARING again.
  • MASS calls do not affect you during this relocation.

Shared Knowledge

  • You familiar is able to give helpful knowledge on a topic upon which it has expertise.
  • Pick two subjects which your familiar is an expert in.
  • You count as having access to the Knowledge skill for that subject.

Awakened Ritualist

Pre-req: Nascent Ritualist

  • Once per adventure, you can attempt to perform rituals of moderate power.

Lv 4

Duality of Mind

Pre-req: Familiar

  • Gain one RESIST per encounter.

Master Weaver

  • You understand the nature of all of the planes and their interaction with the mundane world.

Lv 5

Master Ritualist

Pre-req: Awakened Ritualist

  • Once per adventure, you can attempt to perform rituals of major power.


Pre-req: Master Weaver & Master Ritualist

  • Once per adventure, you may, with 5 minutes of concentration, find a point that lets you travel physically to your plane.
  • You may, if you wish, take your party with you.
  • Alternatively you may attempt to permanently merge the local region with your plane.
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