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  • Prolonged exposure to Black Ichor may make a body mutate.
  • Such mutations are a great source of pride to Savants, for they are a sign of diligent work for the Commission.
  • As a general rule, the effects of mutations do not have immediate combat applications.
Eyes Dark as Void
  • Your eyes become black pits.
  • You can see perfectly in the dark.
  • Your body becomes strangely malleable.
  • This allows you to slip out of most bonds and squeeze through small spaces.
Sticky Pads
  • Your fingers and feet become strangely sticky.
  • This allows you to climb walls and hang from ceilings with ease.
Bone Spurs
  • You have bone spurs in your arms which you may extend or retract at will.
  • This means you effectively have access to two concealed daggers at all times.
Corrosive Mucus
  • Your skin starts to exude a viscous, clear, mucus.
  • This mucus is only slightly corrosive, but with concentration, you can increase the potency of the corrosive effect at particular locations on your body.
  • You can attempt to dissolve small things or parts of things that come into contact with these fluids.
  • This mucus does not affect your own body.
Bloodhound's Snout
  • Your nose grows leathery and swells in size.
  • Your sense of smell grows even more accute. You can track scent trails so long as you have a strong enough sample of the scent you are trying to follow.
Behemoth's Lungs
  • Your lungs and trachea swell in size, deforming your chest and neck.
  • You can hold your breath for much longer than a normal human.
  • In addition, your voice carries across great distances.
Agitating Musk
  • Your body becomes strangely perfumed.
  • With enough time and concentration, you can increase the potency of this perfume, making those around you in an enclosed location more prone to emotional stimuli.
  • This is a great boon when giving impassioned speeches to rouse people into action.
Warping Visage
  • Your skin is like clay, roiling and twisting at your will.
  • You can rearrange the features on your face as you see fit.
  • Your calf muscles elongate and your heels swell with a rubbery mass.
  • You can jump across large gaps or up high with ease.
Serpentine Form
  • Your body becomes sleek and scaled.
  • You are an excellent swimmer.
Formidable Chitin
  • You skin becomes encrusted with a glittering carapace.
  • You can withstand extremes of temperature with little discomfort.
Sequestered Sustenance
  • You develop a large hump full of fats and nutrients.
  • You can use this to survive for a long time without nutrition.
Pouch of Flesh
  • You grow a large flap of skin which serves as a hidden pouch.
  • You can conceal a single basic item (or item of similar size) within the pouch.
Expressive Antennae
  • Antennae protrude from your head.
  • You can use these to attempt to communicate with creatures who may otherwise be insensible to language.
  • OC, you may attempt to use of words of one syllable to communicate with such creatures.
  • Brief the GM about this ability at the start of any adventure.
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