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  • Rastaban was a city of many peoples and professions. In the Golden Age, there was a huge proliferation of Guilds, Colleges and other associations of artisans.
  • After centuries of the city cannibalizing itself, only a few prominent Guilds remain.

The Imperial Commission

  • The Imperial Commission is located within the walls of the Imperial Palace.
  • The Commission are the only group with official permission to possess and work with raw Black Ichor.
  • The Commission produce various derivatives of black ichor which are available in restricted supply to the public.
  • By arrangement with the Palace, they supply the sleeping drafts for the annual Day of Dreaming.
  • Their name hearkens to the original Commission established to investigate the appearance of Ichor beneath the city.
  • Their members are known as Commissioners or Ichor Savants.
  • The Commission are protective of their practices. They are, in turn, protected by Imperial law.

The Foresters Guild

  • The Forest of Loss is an ever-present threat. As such, the Foresters Guild was established to manage it.
  • They are responsible for driving back the Forest and dealing with any other threats it produces.
  • The Guild contains citizens of all stripes.
  • Those who are touched by Loss and survive, however, are forcefully inducted into the Guild for their own safety, lest the fear and suspicion of the populace turn to harm.
  • Imperial citizens almost universally recognise the need for the Foresters Guild. However, they are deeply suspicious and fearful of those who enter the Forest. Their work is a thankless but necessary task.

The Shapers College

  • According to legend, the Shapers College was founded by Serjet, who built most of the city singlehanded.
  • Though a College by name, it is a loose collective of professionals whose primary function is to formally accredit Shapers. Among other things, such official accreditation allows Shapers to sell the work they produce.
  • Their headquarters is in a tower which rises up from the walls of the city and pierces the clouds.
  • It is important to note that their headquarters is not the tallest building in the city.
  • The Imperial Palace, which does not pierce the clouds, is officially the tallest building in the city.
  • To say otherwise is not only obviously untrue, but especially unwise.

The Circle of the Enlightened Mind

  • The Circle is an ancient college founded by Imperial scholars with the original purpose of training scribes, scholars, bureaucrats and nobles - providing them with a classical education.
  • It is one of the oldest buildings in the city, and carries great cultural importance.
  • Politically, the Circle is neutral, controlled by a Board of Education whose membership is strictly balanced.
  • The Circle is home to some of the greatest minds of the city, who dedicate their life to study.
  • However, its official curriculum has not changed since the Isolation began.
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