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  • Ichorwerk is produced by the Ichor Savants of the Imperial Commission.
  • Ichorwerk has three categories: Common, Restricted and Secret.
  • OC these are represented by throwing balls. Yellow is common, white is restricted, and black is secret.
  • You should roleplay drinking ichorwerk concoctions when you use them. This requires the use of one of your arms.
  • Ichorwerk can also be thrown. They take effect upon successfully striking an enemy.
  • If an ichorwerk can be thrown, its description will say so.
  • Ichorwerks which are thrown and which miss shatter and are expended.
  • Ichorwerks which have a BLAST component which miss a target may be called on any target with sword reach of the missed throw.

Common Ichorwerk (Yellow)

  • Call WOUND BOTH LEGS by flask.
Moment's Grace
  • When drunk: Call MASS HEAL 0.
  • Call HEAL 0 by flask.
Savant's Folly
  • Call FIGHT ON! by flask.
Fate's Scorn
  • Call STUN by flask.
Bloody Scythe
  • When drunk: call ARC WOUND ARM.
Eremitic Invitation
  • When drunk: Take a STASIS.
  • Call STASIS by flask.
Abyssal Howl
  • When drunk: call MASS FEAR.
Scent of Frenzy
  • When drunk: call MASS ROLEPLAY FURY
Balm of Tranquility
  • When drunk: call MASS ROLEPLAY CALM

Restricted Ichorwerk (White)

Death's Bourne - Severe Mind
  • When drunk: The drinker's body collapses. For the rest of the encounter they appear, to all intents and purposes, dead. At the start of the next encounter, you recover.
Void Grenade
  • Call BLAST STAGGER by flask.
Flee as Wind
  • When drunk: The drinker may choose to leave the encounter. If they do, the drinker's body melts becoming like wind.
  • The drinker leaves the encounter, borne away in whatever direction the wind is currently blowing.
  • Their body will reform sometime later at a safe distance away.
Strength Unbound
  • When drunk: call WOUND 30 on your next melee blow.
  • Alternatively at GM discretion you may achieve other great feats of strength.
Prismatic Shield
  • Call BLAST REPEL by flask.
Shadow Serum
  • Call DISAPPEARING, as though you had used Stealth.
Corpse Blossom
  • When drunk: the next time you drop to 0 hits, call MASS TRIPLE REPEL.
  • This ability does not stack with itself.
Flash Powder
  • Call STAGGER 10 by flask.

Secret Ichorwerk (Black)

Black Rot - Strong Body
  • Call CURSE by flask.
  • The target's body begins to liquefy as the rot begins to eat away at them.
  • The victim loses a maximum body hit every encounter dying when they reach zero.
  • During this time they may take a SINGLE to call CURSE via melee blow, applying this affliction to their victim.
  • OR:
  • Call CURSE by flask.
  • Every 10s, you may call SINGLE against the target of the CURSE.
  • When drunk: the drinker becomes intangible for 60s.
  • Call DODGE against any calls or damage you receive.
  • Physical objects do not impede you, but people do.
  • You cannot affect the material world and cannot make calls or deliver damage.
  • You can talk and listen as normal.
  • You can fly whilst in this form.
  • You may end this ability early if you so choose. You should be careful to pick a place where your physical body can survive.
Nightingale's Song - Strong Mind
  • Call CURSE by flask.
  • The target begins to fall into waking dreams of increasing severity at the beginning of every encounter.
  • Until they are cured they will take a STUN whose duration doubles each time as they succumb once more to a waking dream.
  • OR:
  • Call CURSE by flask.
  • You gain 5 DODGES against the target.
  • You may make the calls DODGEd in this way against the target.
Ultimate Bequest
  • When drunk: Drop to 0 hits and begin bleeding out.
  • Call HEAL X at range, where X is your maximum hits.
Form of Smoke
  • When drunk: For the rest of the encounter, every time you RESIST a call, take AGILITY.
Alkahest - Chronic Body
  • Call QUINT STUN by flask.
  • When drunk: drop to 0 hits.
  • The fact this ichorwerk will melt through any container not made of obsidian makes it nearly impossible to use as a subtle poison.
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