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Festivals & Customs



  • The dead are not buried, but are left to decompose naturally as per the will of Erosion. Sometimes, they are given Sky Burial, where the dead chopped up and given to the predatory birds to be borne away on the four winds.
  • Citizens generally believe that a thing called the 'soul' does exist.
  • Citizens generally believe in reincarnation of the soul, but believe it to be random, having nothing to do with how one acted in this life or in past lives before this one.


  • The solar cycle of the Imperial Calendar is replete with feast days, fast days, days of celebration and days of remembrance. It is not unusual for dozens of minor occasions to clash with one another.
  • However, there are some festivals that are especially notable, and which are celebrated throughout Rastaban.

Burying of Regrets

  • The Burying of Regrets is a festival during which losses, grievances and regrets are mourned, and then put aside.
  • It is the traditional day for ending long-running conflicts or disputes between injured parties.
  • As part of the festival, it is common for citizens to write their grievances onto small scraps of paper, tie these to weapons, and then bury them outside the city walls.
  • Every year, The Silent Regent grants one full pardon to an Imperial Citizen for all their crimes. The process by which the chosen individual is determined is unclear.

Day of Triumph

  • The exact triumph that the day of Triumph commemorates has long been forgotten.
  • Instead, it has come to represent the numberless triumphs of the mighty Emperor in the Golden Age of the world.
  • The Triumph features a procession of representatives from every walk of life - high and low- along the Imperial Boulevard, carrying ribbons and emblems and banners and playing raucous music.
  • It is the one day of the year when the Silent Regent emerges from the forbidden Imperial District.
  • Afterwards, there is great feasting and carousing in the streets of Rastaban.

Day of Dreams

  • This is a day where Rastaban's people sleep, hoping to commune in dreams with former imperial citizens, and citizens yet-to-be, in one glorious dream of Empire.
  • In fact, it is illegal not to sleep throughout this day.
  • Sleeping draughts are provided to citizens by the Imperial Commission for this purpose.

Planar Conjunctions

  • As Plane Weavers know well, our plane of reality overlaps the Congruent Planes at all times. However, on certain days of the year, these planes overlap more strongly. This typically poses a significant problem to the unprepared.
  • Imperial advice on such days is to lock one's doors and stay inside until it passes.

Intercalary Events

  • There are days that are not days.
  • Such events are announced by the sinister toll of the Bell of Endings.
  • It is Imperial law to lock one's doors and stay inside until these events are over.
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