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Core Rules

What Any Player Character Can Do

NB: This does not apply to human monsters by default.

  • Call HEAL 1 to someone after 10s of medical roleplay.
  • Wield one weapon.
  • Have 3 hits.
  • Wear armor to gain 3 more hits, if they wish. This does NOT need to be physrepped.
  • Have 6 psyche.
  • Regain all hits and psyche between encounters.
  • Die 4 times per character lifetime without being rendered unplayable.
  • Speak quietly on their death count.
  • Have enough to live on. (You can be anything from dirt poor to comfortable depending on player preference.)
  • Source a set of standard equipment between adventures.
  • Source 2 Imperial Essence (call FIGHT ON! to a target within sword reach by scattering ash across them) between adventures.
  • Execute an unresisting target by spending 10s of appropriate roleplay killing them.
  • Drag an unconscious or bleeding person slowly by using both hands (nb: do not actually drag them).
  • Every 6 adventures, gain a Quality on one of your items.

Death & Dying

Bleeding Out

  • When someone reaches 0 body hits, they enter their death count.
  • This is also known as 'bleeding out'.
  • You cannot speak, move, concentrate, or make calls when bleeding out.
  • After 60 seconds of bleeding out, you die.
  • Taking any HEAL call, including HEAL 0, stops you from bleeding out.
  • Medical roleplay pauses your death count.


  • Player characters belong to a group of individuals known as the Blessed who are resistant to death.
  • When a player character dies, so long as they wish to persist, their body dissipates and reforms elsewhere.
  • In play, this means that a player character may rejoin the party after a couple of encounters at GM discretion.
  • (OC, we will be looking to do what is most appropriate and makes the most fun for all involved).
  • A player can respawn in this way up to four times.

 A player in a white shirt collapsed on a path strewn with brown leaves, weapon hand outstretched.


  • Psyche measures your strength of will and mental wellbeing.
  • A character starts off with 6 psyche and can gain more through buying skills.

Psychic Combat

  • Psychic combat represents your strength of will and ability to resist spiritual effects.
  • These combats are always fought with matched weapons.
  • In psychic combat, your hits are equal to your psyche.


  • Some skills require the user to concentrate for a length of time.
  • Concentration is broken by taking offensive effect calls. (If you RESIST or DODGE your Concentration is unbroken.)
  • Taking damage does not break concentration, but bleeding out (starting your death count) does.
  • If concentration is broken the timer is reset to 0 and the user must begin concentrating again.
  • You cannot concentrate while under the effect of a durational call.
  • Whilst concentrating you should roleplay appropriately.

 a player looking pensive while battle rages on in the distance

Medical Roleplay

  • Some abilities which let you call HEAL require the use of 'medical roleplay'.
  • Every PC can spend 10 seconds of medical roleplay to call HEAL 1 on somebody else.

Style & Conduct

  • Medical roleplay in Animus is performed the style of spiritual healing, rather than 20th century medicine.
  • Medical roleplay does not involve any physical contact.
  • Indeed, as with the rest of the system, contact is completely forbidden unless clear consent is given.

Rules for Medical Roleplay

  • The healer must be within 1m of the patient.
  • The healer must use both hands to gesture.
  • The healer must be Concentrating.
  • The healer cannot make calls EXCEPT reactively (e.g. DODGE, RESIST, VOID).
  • You can never perform medical roleplay on yourself.
  • When healing, the healer must take blows that hit their weapons or shields as though they had successfully hit their body.
  • Medical roleplay pauses the death count of the patient.
  • The healer should say 'STAUNCHING' to the patient if they are bleeding out, and it is unclear whether medical roleplay is happening.
  • Once medical roleplay is complete, these limitations cease, and the player may make the appropriate HEAL call.

The Golden Rule

  • When referring to game rules on this wiki, specific rules override general ones.
  • This does not apply to OC guidance covered in the introduction (Social Contract, Safety, Accessibility.)
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