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Class Feature: Touchstones

  • You draw power from your connections with others. Of these connections, there are some relationships which are particularly meaningful to you in some way.
  • You must specify an individual as your touchstone with whom you feel a particularly powerful connection. This connection does not have to be positive (love, friendship, respect) - it can be negative (hatred, envy, fear). Either is equally efficacious.
  • If this connection ever fades you will need to find a new one to continue using your powers.
  • Starting level Connection Weavers begin with one Touchstone and 4 spell charges per encounter.
Planar Influence
  • When travelling in Connection, you may, once per encounter, choose to gain spell charges equal to your maximum spell charges.
  • When travelling in Conflict, your spell charges are halved (rounded up).
  • Connection mages have access to some unique calls and abilities known as 'links'.
  • Only a willing target may be linked by one of the link calls (MINDLINK, NEARLINK, FARLINK, LIFELINK, DEATHLINK).
  • As such, players and monsters may always call RESIST to a link call made against them.
  • Connection weavers may only have one of each type of link active at a time.
  • Two people can only support one link (i.e. the same two participants cannot be LIFELINKED and DEATHLINKED together).
  • Links fade between encounters.
  • Connection Weavers must be within sword reach to make LINK calls. Link calls cannot be broken during an encounter.
  • You must brief these rules and the rules for each link before each adventure.
  • If you attempt to use a LINK call on a Forest Touched, consult a GM.


  • Rituals give weavers the ability to try more freeform magic to have greater or more long-lasting effects than normal spells.
  • The ritualist will specify an outcome they hope to attain by performing the ritual.
  • A standard ritual takes 2 minutes to cast. The ritualist may, if they wish, choose instead to cast the ritual instantaneously. This is not without risk and carries a 50% chance of something going seriously wrong with the ritual.
  • Ritual cast times are halved in a complimentary plane and doubled in an opposing plane.


Level 1

Knowledge of Trust Broken
  • When you strike a deal with someone you may make two small woven tokens keeping one yourself and giving one to the other party.
  • If either side breaks the terms of the deal both tokens begin to unravel.
  • You may if you wish pre-prepare tokens to carry around with you.
  • You link your mind to another target.
  • Call MINDLINK.
  • Whenever either of you enter a psychic combat, you enter it together.
  • You may communicate with each other telepathically.
We are One
  • You may take X damage to call HEAL 2X on an ally at range.

Level 2

Share the Experience
  • Whenever you take a call, you may cast this spell:
  • You may reflexively make this call back.
Forge the Connection
  • You may communicate across language barriers with anything that has any form of sentience.
  • This allows you to attempt to talk to anything from trees to an otherworldly terror you stumble across.
  • By touching a recently dead body you may attempt to talk to the recently deceased before they are borne too far away.
  • You have no ability to compel them to answer.
  • You may also bind a willing soul to you allowing it to persist in limbo as a ghost.
  • Such as soul may leave when they desire to.
  • You may call FARLINK on an ally.
  • If you are more than 5m apart either member of the link may concentrate for 3s to call DISAPPEARING, they must then move directly until they are next to the other member and call APPEARING. They must call FARLINK at the beginning of this period of concentration.
  • This may be done whilst bleeding out.

Level 3

Take Up Another's Burden
  • You may use this ability to take on a CURSE of a willing individual.
  • You begin to suffer the effects of the affliction instead.
  • If you are already suffering from the same affliction either its potency is increased or the effect becomes more severe.
  • Alternatively, you may use this ability to transfer the CURSE of a willing individual to another willing individual. The same conditions apply.
  • You may call NEARLINK on an ally.
  • As long as you remain within weapons reach of each other and are both up you both HEAL 1 every 15s.

Level 4

Words Born Aloft
  • You may send short messages to someone with whom you are connected.
  • Distance is not a factor.
  • They may send a short message back.
  • You link your life to a chosen target.
  • Call LIFELINK.
  • Any time you take a HEAL call, make that HEAL call against your chosen target.

Level 5

  • You link your death to a chosen ally; call DEATHLINK.
  • When either of you drop to 0 hits, you must call HEAL 10 against the other.
  • This ends the DEATHLINK.
Promise Made Manifest
  • You may bind pacts with a penalty for breaking them.
  • All parties must be aware and agree to any penalty but if any party breaks the deal at a later date this penalty will fall upon them.
  • The penalty must be something in the target's power to give.



Plane Sight

  • The Weaver's vision is overlayed with the plane to which they are aligned.
  • This allows weavers of all types to sense the intrusion of any plane into the waking world.
  • You can sense other Weavers and what alignment they are.
  • You can sense if someone has a connection affliction, its severity, and gain some insight into what it does.
  • You can see and interact with familiars from your plane.

Illusion of Space

  • You may perform medical roleplay at range.
  • You must be standing still for this to work.
  • You must be able to see the person you are healing in this way.


Req: Plane Sight

  • You have formed a bond with a being native to your plane.
  • Only you can see and hear your familiar.
  • They are a sentient intelligent creatures who spend most of their time about their own business in the plane.
  • They cannot normally interact with the material world but they can strengthen your spirit:
  • +1 psyche.

Nascent Ritualist

  • You have become adept at using the powers of the planes for more freeform but minor utility effects.
  • Three times per adventure you may cast rituals to achieve minor effects within the purview of your plane.


Trade Intangibles (Downtime)

  • Once per adventure: you may trade intangibles with people or allow them to trade such things with others as long as you are sanctifying the deal.
  • Intangibles are abstract concepts (Your prowess at chess, your first happy thought) which must be metaphysically within your power to give, and within the target's power to trade.
  • A target cannot ever be metaphysically forced to accept a trade offered in this way.
  • As a Downtime action: you may trade intangibles with people or allow them to trade such things with others as long as you are sanctifying the deal.


Pre-req: Familiar

  • Once per adventure you may switch places with your familiar.
  • You may do this even on your death count if you wish.
  • Your spirit flung deep into the plane whilst theirs takes over your body.
  • For the rest of the encounter you roleplay as your familiar. There personality is upto you to define but should in some way be shaped by their plane.
  • They have the same stats as you, but you regain your hits, per-encounter abilities and resources as though this was the start of a new encounter.
  • At the end of the encounter, you switch places again.

Ritual Chamber (Downtime)

  • As a Downtime action: you can perform a ritual of a power level you have mastered.

Planar Lore

  • You understand the nature of your own plane well.
  • If you ever find yourself there you gain all the benefits of the Survivalist skill.



  • You draw your power from your connection with others. Nominate a new touchstone. As long as you remain connected to that person:
    • Gain 2 charge.
    • Gain 2 psyche.

Shared Knowledge

  • You familiar is able to give helpful knowledge on a topic upon which it has expertise.
  • Pick two subjects which your familiar is an expert in.
  • You count as having access to the Knowledge skill for that subject.

Awakened Ritualist

Pre-req: Nascent Ritualist

  • Once per adventure, you can attempt to perform rituals of moderate power.


Duality of Mind

Pre-req: Familiar

  • Gain one RESIST per encounter.

Master Weaver

  • You understand the nature of all of the planes and their interaction with the mundane world.



  • You draw your power from your connection with others. Nominate a new touchstone. As long as you remain connected to that person:
    • Gain 2 charge.
    • Gain 2 psyche.

Master Ritualist

Pre-req: Awakened Ritualist

  • Once per adventure, you can attempt to perform rituals of major power.


Pre-req: Master Weaver & Master Ritualist

  • Once per adventure, you may, with 5 minutes of concentration, find a point that lets you travel physically to your plane.
  • You may, if you wish, take your party with you.
  • Alternatively you may attempt to permanently merge the local region with your plane.
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