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OC Goals

  • This page if where you can state what you wish to achieve with a character, and what sort of stories you are interested in exploring with them.
  • Placing an OC goal here does not guarantee this is something you can do, but it lets the LARPO know what you're interested in.
  • GMs can use this page for inspiration and should also peruse it when running a larp and give you a hint if a larp looks particularly appropriate for your character.
Jeremiah StingelhelmLearn how to defend the innocent more effectively against Forest possession. Figure out what the heck is going on with King Crescientus and maybe replace him as King of Telemere.
GaenevraBecome perfect.
Peleus PerinGeneral: Find out more about the planes/planar magic, particularly Connection.
Specific: Find out about his scrolls written in a strange language - the plan is to peruse the writer's rooms in Connection. See his items and The Dig for details.
LorielGet close to House Telemere and investigate the possibility of a forest touched in their ranks
Sibylla Fray To advance to a position of power in the Barrens
MordecaiDiscover what true strength is.
Sato CrossKill the Emperor.
Garrek of the wheel Free the multi-coloured person seen in the majesty of colours from the Nondescript figures.
HestonChange the nature of the connection it embodies
FrondCreate (more) Life. Ascend to Godhood.
Carmen MontielFind a way to get the Magos to fully manifest in this world. Achieve ultimate power.
Sly GenetGo to the seaside.
ElijinKill the Silent Regent.
CassiellyMore avoiding the cult of the Mystikos
Sofia Darling Make the throne proud
Kill the throne and assume its place
Sowe NayoungRegain her memories before the forest
Benten Gear Gain a title of grand commissioner and keep his friends and family as safe and above the law as possible
Gidie Berger Long term (likely unachievable) goal: Ameliorate the prejudice toward the Forest Touched that is so prevalent in Rastaban
Short term goal: Learn more about various planes, particularly that one…unusual…one he saw after his third death
Noitburg OC character direction: Grow within the Order of the Torch; actually become devoted rather than seeing membership as a means to an end
IC goal of the moment: Find out more about the Stingelhelms. They're almost positive they have no connection…but how can they be sure?
Quinn Marshton Find her younger brother who went missing within the Forest. Work within the Forester's Guild to show that Forest-Touched can be beneficial to society
Jemil Tabriio Discover the cause behind the fire which killed his family and make his way through the ranks of House Keelen. Continue to protect his friends so he doesn't lose them as well
Gemini DoubtGo to Eustragrath to find Quinn
Lyra AverickExpand her collection of exotic & magical objects.
Iri VoronayaAlly with entities of Deep Erosion to confine, destroy, or otherwise incapacitate Lakhesis.
Ascend the ranks of the Order of the Rod. Possibly convert Mordecai along the way.
Countess Catarina RomaiaStorm (OC: Anata) the Blessing Dreamer, they can't stop all of us
A Candle for the NightAlly with the Mirror.
Generate a story compelling enough to hold her sister's interest.
Anger someone important enough to do something.
AnoushkaUphold her vow to the Rod by becoming a loyal, unquestioning soldier, probably.
MabelFind the blue vortex sea people by following her marked hat. Engage in diplomacy, help them escape the vortex and retrieve hat.
Beatrice Figure out how to best honour the Shroud while striving for Perfection.
A Cloth for the EyesPaint
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