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OC Goals

  • This page if where you can state what you wish to achieve with a character, and what sort of stories you are interested in exploring with them.
  • Placing an OC goal here does not guarantee this is something you can do, but it lets the LARPO know what you're interested in.
  • GMs can use this page for inspiration and should also peruse it when running a larp and give you a hint if a larp looks particularly appropriate for your character.
WatcherPressing: Assemble a team of LOYAL CITIZENS (Shroud Paladins) to rectify the mistakes that have been made with the Empire of Rastaban.

Lifetime: Become part of the Imperial Palace
Magda NylundRedeem herself in the eyes of the Rod
Jeremiah StingelhelmLearn how to defend the innocent more effectively against Forest possession. More immediately: deal with some… issues… within House Telemere.
GaenevraBecome perfect.
Selva SithighFind out more about the fear-thing she's made a deal with. Have Grandmaster Marlon Grandwick removed. Erect a human representation of the Shroud in public as protest.
Peleus PerinGeneral: Find out more about the planes/planar magic, particularly Connection.
Specific: Find out about his scrolls written in a strange language - the plan is to peruse the writer's rooms in Connection. See his items and The Dig for details.
LorielGet close to House Telemere and investigate the possibility of a forest touched in their ranks
Sibylla Fray To advance to a position of power in the Barrens
Mabel BembrookePersonal: Confront her parents in Telemere about shipping her off to the Order of the Throne.
Plot: Find the mysterious figure from The Exorcism who ran off into the forest.
MordecaiDiscover what true strength is.
Sato CrossPrevent the Order of the Shroud from concealing the secrets of Rastaban. Exploit the power of the Forest.
Garrek of the wheel Free the multi-coloured person seen in the majesty of colours from the Nondescript figures.
JasineSee the sea.
HestonChange the nature of the connection it embodies
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