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The Congruent Planes

  • The Congruent Planes overlay our reality (the Mundane).
  • They are invisible to most but affect the world nonetheless.
  • Plane Weavers are those who have had a significant encounter with one of the Planes at some point in their lives, and have developed a connection to another Plane as a result.
  • Plane Weavers have the ability to draw their plane closer to the Mundane and warp reality towards its whims.
  • Plane Weavers of skill may travel into the Congruent Planes directly.


  • The plane of Conflict is a world in constant flux. The very landscape fights against itself.
  • Storms rage continually across the sky, whilst earthquakes sunder the land, destroying the old, and forging the new, in their mighty wake.
  • The magic of conflict is primarily connected to primal elements and forces and is violent in nature.
  • The denizens of Conflict are embodiments of hardships, strife and discord.
  • These denizens are at constant war with each other – and, when the opportunity arises – with the Mundane, as well.
  • Untouched by Erosion, these denizens are ageless and suffer only violent ends but those who die a death inflicted by a foe are merely born anew.
  • Near the city the plane is dominated by two factions - the Court of Strife, and the Court of Discord.


  • The plane of Perfection is made of burnished metal shining constantly with a dazzling light.
  • Visible from everywhere in the plane (and, perhaps, making up the Plane in its entirity) is a tower of gleaming metal stretching impossibly tall towards the heavens.
  • It is said that to climb this tower is to obtain ultimate enlightenment. But the higher you climb, the stranger the tower becomes. Few manage to ascend very far at all.
  • The denizens of Perfection believe unshakably in the pursuit of perfection, comprehension and the establishment of Order.


  • The plane of Connection is a shifting underground labyrinth of endless rooms - some as vast as cities, others as cramped as closets.
  • The plane is hewn from purple stone - strangely pliant and warm to the touch.
  • The labyrinth constantly rearranges itself, with one door rarely leading to the same place twice.
  • With practice, a skilled traveller can often find their way to where they wish provided they have a connection to where they are going.
  • Connection is populated by the personifications of emotions and concepts that come from those who travel its bounds.


  • The plane of Erosion is a ruined land, swallowed by vast black ocean sinking deeper than anyone has ever gone towards an abyss.
  • Those who have travelled Erosion describe the ocean as frigidly cold, sapping warmth and vitality from all it touches.
  • The shallows of this Ocean look much like a decrepit version of the mundane plane. As one descends even these remnants begin to crumble away.
  • The denizens vary from pitiful wraiths - desperate to the warmth of the living - to benthic leviathans whom few have glimpsed and lived.


  • When people sleep they touch the plane of Dreams.
  • Most people do not remember their dreams and cannot guide where they go here.
  • There is considerable debate about whether the plane of Dreams is 'real' in the same way that a Congruent Plane is real.
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