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A Good Citizen

  • Though the nature of what best typifies a good citizen of Rastaban has historically been debated amongst scholars, there is now a broad consensus on several key points.
  • Though, naturally, everyone is fallible, it is expected that every citizen of Rastaban will strive to be a Good Citizen - and when they make a mistake, they will work hard to correct it.
  • Where you feel you see a citizen entering into Error, it is the right thing to do to respectfully correct their course by pointing out your concerns in a civil manner.
  • Whilst failure to be a Good Citizen is not, in and of itself, a crime, sometimes failure to be a Good Citizen may be symptomatic of leanings towards dissent and Treason. In such cases, is best to inform your local authority where you have evidence that this may be the case, so that they can, if necessary, provide additional resources to help shepherd the wayward citizen back into the love of their Empire.

A Good Citizen is Proud

  • Rastaban is the most advanced, most enlightened culture that has ever existed.
  • A good citizen is proud of the achievements of Rastaban and its people; its customs, its artworks, its governance and its laws.
  • A good citizen is proud of their own achievements, when they further the ends of the Empire.

A Good Citizen is Respectful

  • A good citizen is respectful of the laws, customs and spiritual practices of Rastaban.
  • They respect those righteous authorities which have guided their people to glory: the Silent Regent, the Seven, the Orders, the Great Houses, the Commission, and the Imperial Muses.

A Good Citizen is Productive

  • A good citizen gives fully of themselves to their Empire, bringing forth works which are to the greater benefit and glory of all.
  • The work that a citizen does for the City is a measure of the love they bear for its people, its culture, and its leaders.

A Good Citizen is Integrated

  • A good citizen does not work alone. They collaborate with others to advance the greater Good, even if this is difficult.
  • A good citizen is expected to participate enthusiastically and meaningfully in the life of their District, helping their neighbours, learning about their habits, and always keeping an eye out for dissent or Treason.
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