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The Imperial Muses

The Imperial Muses are five powerful entities which protect the Empire: Torch, Throne, Shroud, Wheel and Rod.

Most citizens are religious and believe in the power of the Muses to intercede on their behalf. They frequently pray to the Muses for guidance and inspiration as befits their purview.

Paladins dedicate their lives entirely to the service of one particular Muse. The precise details of each initiation are unknown, but a Paladin swears a series of oaths, and aspires to embody the ideals of their chosen Muse as completely as possible - so, in turn, they may inspire others to great works.

The Orders pray to their Muses in their sanctums, conduct religious ceremonies, maintain law in the Boulevard, and undertake charitable works. Most citizens believe that the existence of Paladins is necessary for the spiritual health of Rastaban - that without enough people to embody the ideals of the Muses, Rastaban will collapse.

The current decline and corruption of the city is often associated with a lack of sufficient Paladins - or with a lack of sufficient Paladins of worth.

There is an old and bitter divide amongst the Paladins about whether it is acceptable to depict the Muses in the guise of people, rather than merely representing them as their sacred items.


  • Purview: motion, travel, freedom, adventure, joy.
  • There are not many wheel paladins left in the city as they tended to chafe under the Edict of Isolation.
  • Their headquarters is outside the walls of the city on a sprawling ranch near the Foresters Guild.
  • The current Grandmaster is Leymoon Wen.


  • Purview: Self-improvement, protecting the body, honorable combat, martial prowess, purification.
  • They have a large temple on the Boulevard. Etched upon it - from corner to corner, wall to wall - are reliefs of historic battles in which Rod Paladins fought.
  • It is said that the will of the Rod is, of all Muses, the most difficult to interpret.
  • The current Grandmaster is Marlon Grandwick.


  • Purview: truth, fire, conviction, coming of age, wisdom.
  • The order of the Torch plays a major role in Rastaban as peacekeepers and judges
  • They have a fortified sanctum in the centre of the Boulevard. Deep inside the sanctum of the Torch, there is an eternal flame which never goes out.
  • The Order of the Torch has significant political power.
  • The current Grandmaster is Anastasia Dandachi.


  • Purview: secrets, stealth, stories, theft, protecting the mind.
  • It is known that the Order of the Shroud exist, that they have a Sanctum, and a Grandmaster, but not where or who these might be.
  • Their Paladins are sworn to keep such information hidden.


  • Purview: scheming, leadership, strategy, treachery, information.
  • The Paladins of the Throne have an elaborate complex in the Boulevard.
  • The Order of the Throne has significant political power.
  • The current Grandmaster is Afef Afolayan.
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