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Items in the world of Animus

  • In our world, it is reasonable to say that the more skillfully an item is crafted, the better its quality becomes. A suit made by an expert tailor is higher quality than a mass-produced suit of the same cut. Similarly, you might expect that a sword forged by a master blacksmith would be much stronger than a blade forged by an amateur.
  • This fundamental principle of the universe is different in Animus.
  • In Animus, an item's quality does not depend on how well it is crafted. In Animus, an item's quality is ultimately determined by how well that item is taught its purpose.
  • As items are used they are instilled with purpose, becoming better at what they do.
  • This happens to all items gradually.
  • Items which survive long enough tend to get more powerful.


  • The process of teaching an item its purpose is known as Shaping.
  • Shaping only works on non-living objects, without a will of their own.
  • There exist individuals in the world who are better able to teach an item what it needs to do. These individuals are known as Shapers.
  • Whether through natural talent or hard work & practice, Shapers are capable of sculpting the purpose of items in a much more controlled and efficient way.

Shapers and Rastaban

  • Shapers are well respected owing to their ability to quickly make items and buildings of unique design.
  • Shaping is most often learned by apprenticing oneself to a master. This process of learning takes years.
  • There is a Shapers College within Rastaban. Its main role is to oversee the accreditation of Shapers.
  • Among other things, accreditation is officially required before a Shaper can sell their services.
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