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Item Guide

Basic Item

Basic items are generally tools you can carry which are for a single, well-defined purpose. Pens, Hoes, Bowls, Ladders.

  • All standard weapons
  • All standard shields
  • All standard armor
  • Rope
  • Torch
  • Mundane household items

Complex items

As a rule of thumb, a complex item is any non-basic item. They are usually mechanically complex and/or have a nuanced or sophisticated purpose.

  • chariot
  • cart
  • boat
  • musical instrument
  • puzzle box
  • door


  • A structure is a large, artificial complex item, usually designed for habitation.
  • When building a structure in Rastaban one must choose what district it is to be built in.
  • It is also wise to seek the permission of the controlling power of the district before attempting such a thing.
  • Fortunes that affect the district - for ill or good - will also affect the structure.
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