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Class Feature: Initiate's Vow

  • When you join the cult of an Imperial Muse, you swear a vow.
  • As a Paladin of the Shroud, pick one vow from below:
  • I will never tell the complete truth.
  • I will never knowingly reveal a secret.
  • I will never betray a friend.
  • You should roleplay this vow accordingly.
  • This vow allows you to use Might to perform the Acts below.
  • If you ever feel as though you have violated your vow, let the GM know:
  • You will lose all your Might for the adventure.

Class Feature: Might

  • Each Act costs 1 Might to perform.
  • Might is restored between encounters.
  • Each Paladin begins with 3 Might.
  • Your maximum Might can be increased by purchasing the 'Might' Paladin Skill.

Class Feature: Affiliation

  • As a starting level Shroud Paladin, gain the Affiliate skill for your Order for free.


  • You must purchase Acts with XP as you would normal skills.


Silent Death

  • You may call BACKSTAB on your next blow with any weapon.


  • You may call WOUND by weapon blow.

Secrets Hidden from Self

  • You may hide knowledge deep within your mind such that even you do not remember it.
  • This knowledge is then inaccessible to everyone - even you - until you perform this act again to retrieve it or a condition you specify is met.
  • You may choose whether you remember having forgotten or not.


Whirling Disguise Trick

Pre-req: Disguise

  • You may instantaneously apply a new disguise by spinning in a circle.
  • Furthermore, you may change how you ping to one of the following by using this skill:
    • No ping
    • Ping as Shroud, Throne, Wheel, Torch, Rod, Unknown Paladin.
    • Ping as affiliated to Conflict, Connection, Erosion, Perfection plane.
    • Ping as Forest.

Shroud from Sight

Pre-req: Stealth

  • You may use this Act:
  • You may enter stealth after only 3 seconds of concentration.
  • After dropping someone or successfully backstabbing someone you may instead do so instantly.

Shadow Safe

  • By touching an item of weapon size or smaller you may hide it within your shadow.
  • You may then retrieve it again with a further use of this Act.
  • Additionally when you enter Stealth, you may use this Act: take a willing ally within weapons reach with you.


Playing Dead

  • When you use this act, drop to 0 hits and start bleeding out.
  • At any point during your death count, you may call HEAL X, where X is the number of hits you had prior to using this ability.

Steal Vitality

  • You may HEAL for the damage you deal on your next blow.
  • If you successfully BACKSTAB someone this counts as a HEAL 4.


Cowed by Darkness

  • Call a MASS FEAR.

Steal the Face

  • You can steal the face of an unconscious or sleeping person.
  • Their face is left a blank mask.
  • With another use of this act you may don the face.
  • With another use of this act you may restore your original face.
  • The stolen face returns to its original owner when overwritten in this way.


Path of Shadow

  • You may hide within another's shadow.
  • Your target must be willing or unconscious.
  • When hiding within someone's shadow you cannot be seen but are fully aware of what is going on around you.
  • You may, if you wish, talk to the person in a voice that only they can hear.
  • You may leave the shadow at will.

Domain of Shadow

  • Twice per encounter, if you strike a target by a melee blow, you may call a TIME FREEZE.
  • Both you and the target of the call should relocate themselves to an area separate from the current encounter (like with a psychic combat, except without the rules for psychic combats).
  • Once there call TIME IN. You may then talk or fight uninterrupted for the next 30s.
  • After 30s, you and the target place two fingers in the air and return to the encounter (in the place they left it, as best they are able) and drop your fingers.
  • Those that die in the Domain of Shadows do not return.
  • You should brief this ability at the start of any LARP you play.




  • You have made an icon to the Muse you follow.
  • Twice per adventure you may use this to attempt to divine the Muse's opinion on a matter.
  • The responses, if they arrive are generally cryptic.
  • Icons are hard to lose or break.
  • If either occurs, they will likely find their way back to the paladin, restored, after a couple of encounters.
  • For paladins of the Shroud the icon is most often an item of clothing.
  • Whenever you execute someone you may touch this icon to them:
  • Their body disintegrates along with their belongings.
  • There is still a very faint residue left behind which the skilled or paranoid might be able to detect.
  • In addition, while in possession of this Icon, you are IMMUNE to BACKSTAB.

Sense Devotion

  • You may sense other paladins or Muses.
  • In addition, you can tell whether a paladin you meet is following the same path as you.
  • At GM discretion, you can sense significant acts which have taken place recently in the vicinity.



Pre-req: Icon

  • You can use your Icon to draw your Muse's attention more closely.
  • Once per adventure, you may call THE SHROUD IS WATCHING.
  • For the rest of the encounter, your Muse will be observing what takes place and judging your actions accordingly.

Undercover Agent (Downtime)

  • You may spend this downtime action infiltrating a particular organisation.
  • You may act as if you had the 'Affiliation' skill with that organisation.
  • If you use this ability again, you lose the benefits you gained from its last use.


  • Gain 2 Might.


Shroud's Embrace

  • Once per adventure you may perform a great feat within your Muse's purview.
  • For example, you could make it so that nothing that happens in the encounter will be noticed by those outside.
  • There are also two standard combat applications of this feat that you may use without GM consultation:
  • Gain 3 uses of MASS WOUND ARM or MASS WOUND LEG
  • Gain your maximum hits into a separate pool, as per Playing Dead, that can you use to call HEAL X on yourself any time during your death count.

Icon Attunement

Pre-req: Icon

  • Your Icon gains the ability to transform, changing its colour or shape at will.
  • In addition, once per adventure, you may regain all your lost Might. Roleplay this accordingly.


  • Gain 2 Might.


Juristiction of Shadows

  • You may state you have jurisdiction over an event and produce the documents to back this up, in order to gain a measure of control over the situation.
  • This is virtually always feasible within the City where no one understands the full spread of bureaucracy.
  • Outside the city it is likely to need some prior knowledge of who you are interacting with and a plan to work.
  • You may also use this in uptime as well as as a downtime action.


  • Gain 2 Might.


Echoes of Self

Pre-req: Icon Attunement

  • For one encounter per adventure you may move freely during stealth.

Personal Vow

  • You may, once ever, make a personal vow.
  • This represents your unique relationship to your Muse.
  • When you purchase this skill, contact the LARPO.
  • Together we will work out the advantages and drawbacks of this vow.
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