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Privacy Policy

Data We Keep

  • Your out-of-character (OC) name
  • Your primary out-of-character (OC) email address (i.e. the one which you receive in-game emails to)
  • User generated content, which includes:
  • Your edits to the wiki
  • Your emails to the GM email address


  • We will display the OC name that you provide us on your userpage, and on your character pages. This will be visible to anyone who looks at the wiki.
    • By default, this will be displayed and stored on-wiki as your given name, plus the initial of your family name (e.g. Seb A).
    • If you wish your name to be displayed in another form (e.g. initials only) then let us know.
  • Email the GM team if you wish to change how your name is displayed.


  • We will ask for your consent before taking photos, and before posting any photos including you to the wiki.
  • On request, we will take down any photographs of you, or crop these (i.e where a photo contains two people).
  • These original photos will then be deleted.

User Generated Content

  • This section covers your edits to the wiki.
  • Edits to any page in your userspace (pages with a URL containing /user:[your account name]: are visible only to administrators and registered users who have logged in.
  • Edits to any page in the resources namespace (pages with a URL containing /resources:) are visible to everyone.
  • Edits to pages in the playground (/playground:playground, and other pages with a URL containing /playground:) are visible to everyone.
  • In the event that your personal data is disclosed in such edits and you wish it to be removed, inform the GM team.
    • We will, at the soonest opportunity, disable the revision history on all pages (and edit out the data if this has not yet been done), which will limit visibility only to the GM team.
    • We will then contact the administrator of the wiki servers to delete the revision(s) containing personal data.
    • Revision history will be re-enabled once the revision(s) have been deleted.
  • If you wish the GM team to delete an email which contains personal data, then email the GM team.

Deleting Your Account

  • By default, your account will remain active once the game is over.
  • If you wish us to delete your account once the game us over, then email the GM team and all records and material held on you will be deleted. This does not include game-related documents such as turnsheets and userpages which do not identify you OC.
  • If this occurs, you will no longer have access to your userpage, turnsheets, or to any pages restricted to logged-in users.
  • A wiki account is required to play the game.

Responsible Person

  • Seb A is responsible for enforcing this policy. They can be contacted via the Animus GM email.
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