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Class Feature: Powered by Erosion

  • For every benefit brought by an Erosion spell, a cost must be paid.
  • This is a cost in time, represented by needing to spend a certain number of seconds concentrating.
  • This Concentration requirement is listed below each spell.
  • With time, even the greatest of mountains may be eroded into dust.
Planar Influence
  • When travelling in Erosion, once per encounter, you may choose to activate this ability: Concentration costs for your spells are halved (rounded up). Notify a GM if you use this.
  • When travelling in Perfection, Concentration costs for your spells are doubled.


  • Rituals give weavers the ability to try more freeform magic to have greater or more long-lasting effects than normal spells.
  • The ritualist will specify an outcome they hope to attain by peforming the ritual.
  • A bead bag is used. By default, the bag contains two white and one black bead.
  • Then, the ritualist must draw beads from the bag until they draw a white or black bead.
  • A white bead indicates success.
  • A black bead indicates failure.
  • Weavers with the ritual skill can collaborate to bring about a more complex or powerful effect.
  • Each weaver must be performing a ritual of the same level.
  • Weavers of opposing planes (Conflict ↔ Connection; Erosion ↔ Perfection) may collaborate at an extra disadvantage of one black bead for each opposition.


Lv 1

Embrace Frailty


  • This spell can be used in one of two ways:
  • Take WOUND LEG to call WOUND LEG.
  • Take WOUND ARM to call WOUND ARM.
  • You must take the WOUND call for this spell to work.
Curse of Years


  • Nominate a target. Stretch a hand towards them. This hand must be free.
  • During your concentration, you should roleplay loudly describing how your target with wither with age.
  • At the end of your Concentration:
  • Call SINGLE.
  • Alternatively, you may stretch two free hands towards them to call DOUBLE at the end of the Concentration.
Vision of Ending


  • You may ready a ward.
  • The next time you are struck by a melee blow:
    • You must call FEAR against the target.
  • You may only ready one of this kind of ward at a time.

Lv 2

Death's Comfort


  • Nominate an ally within sword reach who is bleeding out.
  • At the end of your Concentration: call HEAL 1 on yourself.
  • This Concentration is broken if you move out of sword reach of the target.
Death Curse


  • You may ready a death curse.
  • When you are dropped to 0 hits you must call QUINT at the person who dropped you.
  • You may only use this ability once per encounter.
Dust to Dust


  • You are able to erode inanimate objects, often corroding them beyond usefulness.
  • The time this takes scales with the size of the object.
  • You must be in physical contact with the item for the duration.
    • Something you can hold in your hand - 30s
    • Items up to the size of a person - 90s
    • Items up to the size of a room - 5 minutes
    • Items the size of a building - 1 hour
    • Larger structures - 1 day
  • Items of particular potency such that those instilled with purpose or which have a long history can take longer (at GM discretion), and may trigger a psychic combat.

Lv 3

Glimpse of Eternity


  • Call STUN.
Fog the Memory


  • You start to erode the memory of an unresistant individual obscuring all that happened since they last slept.
  • The memory is not completely gone but everything since they last woke up is hazy.
  • They can remember what they did but generally other people appear as grey shadows and they also cannot recall exact locations or details.

Lv 4

Speed the Sands of Time


  • You may ready a ward.
  • The next time you take an effect call with a duration:
    • You must reduce the duration of the call by 5s.
  • You may only ready one of this kind of ward at a time.
Death's Shadow


  • You may ready a ward.
  • The next time you are struck with a melee blow:
    • You must call STUN.
  • You may only ready one of this kind of ward at a time.

Lv 5



  • You breathe out a necrosis which sweeps into your foes.
Turn the Hourglass


  • Nominate a target you can see.
  • Stretch one hand toward them. This hand must be free.
  • During your concentration, you should roleplay loudly narrating and announcing your target's imminent demise.
  • At the end of the Concentration, call DEC.



Plane Sight

  • The Weaver's vision is overlayed with the plane to which they are aligned.
  • This allows weavers of all types to sense the intrusion of any plane into the waking world.
  • You can sense other Weavers and what alignment they are.
  • You can sense if someone has a erosion affliction, its severity, and gain some insight into what it does.
  • You can see and interact with familiars from your plane.


Req: Plane Sight

  • You have formed a bond with a being native to your plane.
  • Only you can see and hear your familiar.
  • They are a sentient intelligent creatures who spend most of their time about their own business in the plane.
  • They cannot normally interact with the material world but they can strengthen your spirit:
  • +1 psyche.

Nascent Ritualist

  • Once per adventure, you can attempt to perform rituals of minor power.

Commend to Oblivion

  • Whenever you execute someone you may choose to have their body disintegrate along with their belongings.
  • There is still a very faint residue left behind which the skilled or paranoid might be able to detect.


Commend to Eternity (Downtime)

  • You have experience and knowledge of the industry of death. You have learned the rites and preparations associated with the dead.
  • As a Downtime action: you can organise the appropriate ceremonies and rites for the dead.
  • This typically involves the body being left to decompose naturally according to the will of Erosion.
  • In addition, you can perform an autopsy on a dead body to learn more information about it.
    • This is likely to establish the cause of death, even if this was through non-mundane means.


Pre-req: Familiar

  • Once per adventure you may switch places with your familiar.
  • You may do this even on your death count if you wish.
  • Your spirit flung deep into the plane whilst theirs takes over your body.
  • For the rest of the encounter you roleplay as your familiar. There personality is up to you to define but should in some way be shaped by their plane.
  • They have the same stats as you, but you regain your hits, per-encounter abilities and resources as though this was the start of a new encounter.
  • In addition, any spells which would cause you to “ready a ward” or “ready a curse” that you have purchased are automatically and instantly cast on you at this time (Vision of Ending, Death Curse, Speed the Sands of Time, Death's Shadow).
  • At the end of the encounter, you switch places again.

Ritual Chamber (Downtime)

  • As a Downtime action: you can perform a ritual of a power level you have mastered.

Planar Lore

  • You understand the nature of your own plane well.
  • If you ever find yourself there you gain all the benefits of the Survivalist skill.


Shared Knowledge

  • You familiar is able to give helpful knowledge on a topic upon which it has expertise.
  • Pick two subjects which your familiar is an expert in.
  • You count as having access to the Knowledge skill for that subject.

Awakened Ritualist

Pre-req: Nascent Ritualist

  • Once per adventure, you can attempt to perform rituals of moderate power.

Reckless Ritualist

Pre-req: Nascent Ritualist

  • After drawing a white bead during a ritual casting, you may elect to draw from the bead bag again.
  • Doing so increases the power of the ritual by one rank (minor→moderate→major)
  • Major rituals gain no benefit from this skill.

Death Becomes You

  • You are never as close to the plane of Erosion as when you witness those closest to you are close to death.
  • When you are within 5m of an ally who is bleeding out, on 0 hits, or dead, halve all Concentration requirements (rounding down) for Erosion spells.


Duality of Mind

Pre-req: Familiar

  • Gain one RESIST per encounter.

Master Weaver

  • You understand the nature of all of the planes and their interaction with the mundane world.


Master Ritualist

Pre-req: Awakened Ritualist

  • Once per adventure, you can attempt to perform rituals of major power.


Pre-req: Master Weaver & Master Ritualist

  • Once per adventure, you may, with 5 minutes of concentration, find a point that lets you travel physically to your plane.
  • You may, if you wish, take your party with you.
  • Alternatively you may attempt to permanently merge the local region with your plane.
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