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System Changelog

7th May 2019 - v.3.0.1

  • Downtime. Per adventure abilities can be used as part of the single freeform downtime action.

6th May 2019 - v3.0

  • General Skills. Overhaul of Weapon Specialisation, Talent and Mastery skills.
  • General Skills. Added two-handed weapon fighting style.
  • General Skills. Changed how Sage and Seer work.
  • Throne Paladin. Added Battlefield Intelligence Act, removed Spider, added The Already Complete Deception skill.
  • Throne Paladin. Changed Diplomatic Immunity to skill. Lv5 skill pending if we think of one.
  • Weavers. Changed how rituals work to simplify them. Reworded nascent ritualist to clarify that the rituals achieve only utility effects, buffed to make this three times per adventure. Removed Reckless Ritualist skill.

7th November 2018 - v.2.9.1

  • Quality. Hid 'Obstinate' Quality, which should have been on the GM side.
  • Quality. Removed Eager and Prudent qualities.

31st October 2018 - v 2.9

  • Start. Amended guidance on start and end times. Hard end time introduced.
  • What is LARP. As above.
  • Forest Touched. Removed animal companion's ability to HEAL 0.
  • Core Rules. PCs can talk quietly on their death count now.

24th October 2018 - v.2.8

  • Weavers. Clarified exactly what Plane Sight does.

26th September 2018 - v.2.7.2

  • Start. Updated pricing details.
  • Geography. Updated with world map and some basic information.
  • Print and Play. Updated all of these characters to be compliant with new ruleset.
  • Epic Skills. Added Elect tree.
  • Updated favicon.

5th September 2018 - v.2.7.1

  • General Skills. Changed Spear specialization to STAGGER resist for hits.
  • Ichorwerker (made last week). Added 'Respected' as class feature.
  • Rod Paladin. Changed DIE HARD to make it more obvious.

1st August - V.2.7 - End Of Act One

  • Nonstandard calls. Clarified STASIS pausing calls.
  • General Skills. Removed large shields.
  • General Skills. Renamed Sprinter and Athlete. Again.
  • General Skills. Tweaked throwing weapons.
  • Forest Touched. Nerfed Circle of Life. ;)
  • Wheel Paladin. Clarified MOVE FREELY.
  • Shroud Paladin. Buffed Stealth Act.
  • Shroud Paladin. Buffed Disguise Act.
  • Conflict Weaver. Tweaked Explosion.
  • Ichorwerk. Added two new standard ichorwerk.
  • Epic Skills. Updated with 2x Planar Successor trees, and Enmity Quirk.

12th July - V.2.6.3

  • Shaper. Smooshed Forge of Intellect and Greater Forge together.

4th July 2018 - V.2.6.2

  • Rod Paladin. Replaced Wrecking Ball with Surpassing the Self.
  • Connection Weaver. Links now fade between encounters.
  • General Skills. Folded the Lv1 and Lv2 skills for shields together. Buffed them.

2nd July 2018 - V.2.6.1

  • Start Page. Corrected typo in Magic Cafe address (thanks Iain!)
  • Shaper. Greater Forge of Intellect now correctly has Forge of Intellect as a pre-req.
  • Qualities. Clarified that items have a quality cap of 3.
  • Ichorwerk. Removed Detach from Life's Flow.
  • Perfection. Changed how Comprehend the Form works.

20th June 2018 - V.2.6 - The Shapening

  • Core Rules. Every 9 adventures, anyone may gain a Quality.
  • Standard Calls. Added ROLEPLAY call.
  • General Skills. Removed find a buyer / find a collector. The buying and selling of items may be handled with freeform actions in downtime, given appropriate contacts.
  • Shaper. Rewrote the class. Shaper now have a per-encounter resource (Willpower) based on Psyche, with Shapings that cost Willpower. Instillments are only a secondary class focus.
  • Qualities. Restored Qualities page. Added new qualities. Tweaked existing Qualities.
  • Connection Weaver. Minor patch to tweak NEARLINK.
  • Perfection Weaver. Changed Cast Off Erosion's Shackes again. Tweaked levels of skills to move Flies in Amber down.
  • Wound Cooldowns. Removed these where they existed (Rod, Torch, Shroud.)
  • Places of Interest. Added Places of Interest page.
  • Fanworks. Added fic page.
  • Ranks in Society. Added Ranks in Society page.
  • Privacy Policy. Added Privacy Policy page.


  • Core Rules. Mentioned that every PC can drag an unconscious/bleeding body.
  • General Skills. Changed the flavour for Stealth.
  • General Skills. Clarified how Athlete works.
  • General Skills. Changed Edificier to Sprinter, changed flavour, restored wind-up.

6th June 2018 V.2.5 - The Nerfening

  • Core Rules. Base psyche changed to 6.
  • Standard Calls. Buffed STUN considerably.
  • Standard Calls. Nerfed BACKSTAB slightly.
  • General Skills. Changed Dagger Weapon Specialization
  • General Skills. Added BACKSTAB skill.
  • General Skills. Changed Beast of Burden to Athlete skill, which lets you carry people mid combat.
  • General Skills. Swapped and tweaked some Lv2 and lv4 weapon skills.
  • General Skills. Removed wind-up on Edificier
  • General Skills. Nerfed regular Stealth to 15s
  • General Skills. Renamed Escape Artist to Tradecraft
  • Throne Paladin. Swapped out ‘Utility Belt’ for ‘Isolation’
  • Throne Paladin. Nerfed sacrifice the pawn slightly.
  • Torch Paladin. Added cooldown to Burning Blade
  • Torch Paladin. Nerfed No Further! slightly.
  • Torch Paladin. Nerfed standard use of Embrace slightly.
  • Torch Paladin. Nerfed Help the Helpless slightly.
  • Rod Paladin. Added cooldown to Brutality.
  • Rod Paladin. Nerfed Scythe Through Wheat.
  • Rod Paladin. Nerfed Shockwave.
  • Shroud Paladin. Nerfed Instant Stealth slightly.
  • Shroud Paladin. Added cooldown to Eviscerate.
  • Weavers. Removed regular penalty for Collaboration.
  • Weavers. Added explanation of Planar Affinity for each class.
  • Connection W. Added note about using LINKs on Forest Touched.
  • Connection W. Nerfed Nearlink.
  • Perfection W. Nerfed Cast off Erosion’s Shackles.
  • Perfection W. Nerfed Comprehension of Peril.
  • Perfection W. Tweaked Perfection of Action.
  • Perfection W. Nerfed HP gain from ‘Transformation’ tree.
  • Conflict W. Clarified Escalation.
  • Conflict W. Nerfed First Strike slightly.
  • Conflict W. Capped Whirling Dervish damage at QUAD.
  • Conflict W. Changed Eye of the Storm.
  • Erosion W. Increased Glimpse of Eternity cast time.
  • Erosion W. Increased cast time on STUN ward.
  • Forest Touched. Removed Survivor Skill. Added nerfed version as Class Feature.
  • Forest Touched. Nerfed Gift of Life to have limited range.
  • Forest Touched. Clarified how Sense of the Forest Works.
  • Forest Touched. Changed how Thornheart works.
  • Forest Touched. Abilities which cost QUINT now cost QUAD.
  • Forest Touched. Buffed Dominion.
  • Shaper. Still a work in progress. We are heading towards 'uptime item wizards'.

2nd May 2018 - V.2.4 - Reshaping

  • Shaper. Overhauled the class. What exists now is more of a draft than anything, but it represents where we see the class heading in future.
  • General Skills. Nerfed Ambidex so it doesn't give you free specialisation. We envisage putting a lv2 skill back for this in the future, though.
  • Forest Touched. The FEAR you gain from animal companion can now be used during medical roleplay.
  • Connection Weaver. Changed LINK skills to specify that links cannot be broken during encounters, and require being in sword reach to make during an encounter.
  • Connection Weaver. Nerfed Illuson of Space so it requires you to stay still and have line of sight.
  • Supplementary Rules. Clarified behaviour with WOUND, 2h weapons, and wielding one weapon with a free hand.
  • Qualities. No longer in use, so have hidden these.
  • Item Guide. Thought I'd found the cursed wrong 'effect' Andrew mentioned, swiftly realised I had not.

26th April 2018 - V.2.3.8

  • Core Rules. Updated medical roleplay to add a restriction on making calls.
  • General Skills. Removed the 'Harmony' skill from Ambidex - there is now no level 2 skill for Ambidexing.
  • General Skills. Tweaked wording on Stealth slightly to clarify the 'going into stealth' process.
  • General Skills. Reduced Favour costs for Affiliation and Wealth trees.
  • Torch Paladin. Buffed Piercing Gaze so you can use it when doing medical roleplay.
  • Forest Touched. Nerfed Circle of Life. Now it only HEAL 1s you, regardless.
  • Conflict Weaver. Nerfed Whirling Dervish. Increased the cost and restricted it to 2+ opponents.
  • Epic Skills. Added 'Planar Surrogate' skill.
  • Shaper (GM side). We have been working on overhauling this class. In particular, we intend to replace the system of qualities with something more freeform in the next version of the wiki, as well as changing a number of skills. (sorry, Joe.)

11th April 2018 - V.2.3.7

  • Weapon Skills. Added further clarification to what weapon classes mean.
  • Fighting Style. Changed Ambidex and Harmony to make it equally easy to use two different weapons in each hand.
  • General Skills. Updated Strong Willed to work with Stealth Concentration.
  • Standard Calls. Added a line to clarify that weapons block damage, but not calls.
  • OC Goals. Cleaned up the writing on this page.
  • Start Page. Changed start time.
  • What is Animus? Added 36hr date.
  • Deleted FAQ as most useful information like that is in Supplementary Rules.

4th April 2018 - V.2.3.6

  • Afflictions. Changed wording of 'Soul' afflictions to be 'Mind' afflictions instead. Updated General skills and character class pages to reflect this.
  • Forest Touched. Changed how Thornheart and Graft the Sapling interact.
  • Connection Weaver. Changed 'Pact of Shared Will' skill to become another link skill, 'Mindlink'.
  • Nonstandard Calls. Updated this with Mindlink.
  • GM guide. Published draft of GM guide.

29th March 2018 - V.2.3.5 - Real Time Weapon Change

  • General Skills. Overhauled Fighting Style wording to allow switching of styles.
  • General Skills. Added Level 2 Shield skills allowing for 2h shield run.
  • General Skills. Allowed Single Hand Focus to work with ichorwerk and weaving. (That's a buff, Zac.)
  • General Skills. Clarified Ambidex - Harmony only gets you the benefit of calls for one extra weapon per encounter.
  • Ichor Savant. Clarified how Benediction and Guided Mutation interact with Afflictions.
  • Afflictions. Added Benediction and Guided Mutation skills.
  • Supplementary Rules. Attunement. You only have to worry about this if you have multiple instilled weapons now.
  • Supplementary Rules. Throwing Daggers. Defined a 'set' of throwing daggers as six daggers.
  • Supplementary Rules. Added rules for alternative resolution for 1-v-1 psychic combat.
  • Other. Added GM tags for approved characters on the wiki.

22nd March 2018 - V.2.3.4

  • General Skills. Nerfed the 'Stealth' general skill heavily.
  • General Skills. Changed how Shields work again. Created Large and Medium shield categories and penalties.
  • General Skills. Re-added 'Mule's Burden' skill to Body Skills without the +hit.
  • General Skills. Changed names of Blades/Blunt to Balanced and Unbalanced.
  • General Skills.Changed how Edificier general skill works.
  • Weavers. Changed how Ritual Collaboration works for Weavers of opposing planes.
  • Shapers. Removed Forge of Intellect and Exceed the Bounds of Knowledge. Replacement skill TBA.
  • Shapers. Tweaked Builder to make it more flexible.
  • Supplementary Rules. Added information about refunding XP for changing skills.
  • Supplementary Rules. Added information about edge cases with multiple weapon loadouts ('item attunement').
  • Setting. Updated Crime & Punishment page.

16th March 2018 - V.2.3.3

  • Added “Meeting Place” page from MM wiki & updated Acknowledgements.
  • Updated Start page slightly.
  • Note for future self: I still need to amend P&P characters with new rules.

15th March 2018 - V.2.3.2

  • Changed Blunt passive. (Psst. The secret blunt passive is: “consult the LARPO on what the passive is this week. Gain that passive.”)
  • Alphabetised Weapon skills.
  • Clarified what is Blade vs what is Blunt.
  • Separated out Buckler skill into two skills.
  • Swapped Duellist and Resolute Companion.
  • Clarified what calls Duellist triples.
  • Tweaked Character Creation page to clarify that there are no dedicated non-combat classes.

12th March 2018 - V.2.3.1

  • Changed Blunt passive.
  • Changed Throwing Weapon Passive.
  • Connection Weaver: Illusion of Space now a Lv.1 skill. Spell replaced with 'Knowledge of Trust Broken'.
  • Core Rules: You can now only wield one weapon at base. Changed 'What Anyone Can Do' section to make it clear that this is only referring to PCs. You cannot use bucklers or shields by default. You cannot off-hand daggers by default.
  • Character Creation: Added OC Goals Step (optional). Clarified age of characters.
  • Added two shield skills.
  • You can no longer strap bucklers to your arm.
  • Separated Fighting Style skills into Level 1 and Level 2.
  • Clarified how Ambidex and Weapon skills works.
  • Updated Social Contract with section on Infrequent Players.
  • Published first draft of NPC index.
  • Published first draft of Bestiary.
  • Started work on GM Guide.

9th March 2018 - V.2.3 - Pre-launch update

  • Changed Blunt passive. (This will probably change again soon).
  • Changed Throwing Weapon Passive. (Likewise.)
  • Buffed Erosion and Conflict Switch abilities.
  • Clarified that Shaping affects inorganic non-willed entities.
  • Changed how Shields work - added 'Shield Stance' for non-bucklers to block damage.
  • Updated the Character Naming Guide with more information & information about deed names.
  • Updated Epic Skills page with two hints for Plane Weaver unlocks.
  • Updated the Congruent Planes setting page with reworked aesthetics and details for each of the planes.
  • Updated the City of Cities page with an excellent map from Leah O.
  • Clarified that Illusion of Space doesn't work with damage or BACKSTAB.
  • Clarified how Trade Intangibles works.
  • Limited the kinds of substances Ichorwerkers can transform by those they have formally studied.
  • Removed 'use offhand dagger' as a core ability of characters.
  • Clarified that picking a class is optional as part of character creation.
  • Lowered Weapon Talent skills to be Level 1 as well.
  • Added LARP schedule and feedback form.

27th January 2018 - v.2.2 - 2nd playtest update

  • Changed BREAK to be called STUN instead.
  • Removed shield clause from STUN.
  • Removed seven nonstandard calls that were overly complicated or didn't pull their weight: DOMAIN OF SHADOWS, MOVE FREELY, CULL THE WEAK, ABJURATION, PICKPOCKET, SNAP OUT OF IT, SICKNESS.
  • Renamed PERFECT INSULT to YOU'RE THE WORST so that it flows in conversation better.
  • Changed Blunt passive; changed Spear passive wording.
  • Rejigged Perfection Weaver spells.
  • Reblanced some Erosion Weaver spells.
  • Ichorwerk: Swapped Petrification and Flash Powder; buffed Bloody Scythe, removed Red Joy & Scent of Slumber.
  • Patched Ichorwalk.
  • Removed Dedication & Adaptation trees from Shaper.
  • Changed 1st Throne vow.
  • Gave Torch paladins a melee HEAL.
  • Boosted 'Unfettered Path' Wheel Ability.
  • Added 'Strength Beyond Strength' Rod ability and swapped Die Hard to lv.4.
  • Changed Retirement conditions for Wealth and Influence trees.
  • Restructured Standard Calls page to make more sense, and provide explicit guidance for ranged calls.
  • Added Supplementary Rules about carrying additional weapons.
  • Added caveat under Weapon Skills that you can only gain calls for one weapon per encounter.
  • Changed all instances of “1m” being used to “sword reach”, instead.
  • Changed character gen so you can keep your free affiliation pick for later.
  • Updated Favour page with language for talking about Favour.
  • Created Naming Guide Page.
  • Updated Costume and GM Guide with placeholders for what these will contain if Animus is selected as Society LARP.
  • Updated Acknowledgements page.
  • Uploaded playtest photos across the wiki.
  • Changed references to 'foam-rubber' to 'latex'.
  • Updated P&P characters.

12th January 2018 - v.2.1.2

  • Hadn't published the 'Page' P&P character update, so did that.
  • Updated an old version of the Piercing Gaze ability on the Torch P&P.
  • Updated the old version of the blades specialisation on the P&P pages.
  • Updated skills with outdated RESISTs on the P&P pages.
  • Clarified whether you need to physrep armour to gain hits (you don't.)

5th January 2018 - v.2.1.1

  • Nerfed Rod's 'Unstoppable Force' power slightly.
  • Nerfed Corpse Blossom Ichorwerk slightly.

4th January 2018 - v.2.1

  • Further call simplification:
    • Removed 'mental' and 'physical' effect call distinction as people thought this was confusing.
    • There is now just one type of RESIST in the game.
    • Removed a bunch of nonstandard calls, most notably STUN.
    • Added all unique calls in the game to the nonstandard calls page.
    • Simplified the text on the standard calls page.
    • Changed BREAK to be simpler - works on all calls and damage.
  • Tweaked and improved Ichor Savant / Mutations / Ichorwerk pages following feedback.
  • Removed the two unique calls in Forest Touched and their vitality of nature skill, and gave them three new skills at higher level instead.
  • Changed qualities to make some unique, and added the 'Terrifying' quality for shields.
  • Changed the Blade and Spear weapon passives to make them more balanced.
  • Changed the Shaper 'Dedication' skill in line with these passives.
  • Minor Paladin changes:
    • Lowered Paladin starting might to 3.
    • Gave Shroud access to WOUND at low level, and changed their Embrace power.
    • Changed Rod Embrace power to make it less broken.
    • Changed Throne Embrace power to make it make more sense.
  • Updated Print & Play characters.

29th December 2017 - v.2.0.2

  • Updated the description of the Conflict Class Feature to make is simpler to read.
  • The updated Print & Play character page is complete.
    • 14 P&P characters at 5XP are now available.
  • Updated 'MOVE FREELY' to clarify the purpose of the effect.
  • Rod Paladin vows updated to be less awful for everyone.
  • Established that, if you can't remember what a call does, you can take it as BREAK.

28th December 2017 - v.2.0.1

  • Changed how Black Ichor works in the metaphysic.
  • Updated the Imperial Commission (now Black Ichor) page.
  • Updated the Character Creation page to make it clearer.
  • Updated the Print & Play page. Character updates forthcoming.
  • Updated the Shaping page to make the explanation clearer.
  • Clarified when Medical Roleplay is used on Core Rules page.

22nd November 2017 - v.2.0

  • Completely overhauled Paladins and Plane Weavers.
  • Released Shaper, Ichor Savant and Forest Touched as playable classes. All classes now playable.
  • To support this, overhauled the Qualities, Item Guide, Ichorwerk and Mutations pages.
  • Created Introduction section with What is LARP?, Acceptable Themes, Safety Calls, and Social Contract.
  • Created “A Good Citizen” page to give a guide for what a Rastaban citizen is expected to be like.
  • Separated “Afflictions” from Supplementary Rules into their own page, with guidance for curing and managing these.
  • Updated the rules and guidance for Medical Roleplay.
  • Added an Ackowledgements & Influences page (though it's missing influences from Mat).
  • Added Naming Guide and Costume Guide pages in preparation for future update.

4th October 2017 - v1.1.2

  • Print & Play Characters Now exist for all available classes at 5XP.
  • Changed Character Creation to allow for picking up a class in play.
  • Tweaked some skills that still relied on the old psyche.
  • Updated Paladin Icon skills to grant consistent IMMUNITY.

3rd October 2017 - v1.1.1

  • Simplified psyche.
  • Removed Momentum and Will Unbroken psyche skills.
  • Removed Weapon Talent and Weapon Master weapon skills.
  • Updated Perfection Weaver Class Feature. Perfection Weavers now use their own source of power, essence, to cast spells.
  • Replaced Perfection Weaver Skills to grant powerful transformations and bonus essence.
  • Updated SLAY call.

1st October 2017 - v1.1

  • 'Simplicity' update.
  • Number of Standard calls cut in half.
  • Call duration standardised where possible to 10s.
  • All melee attacks do one damage. There is no way of increasing base damage by skills. There is no strengthen or weaken call in the system.
  • Hard cap of one unique call per class added.
  • No class grants access to nonstandard calls at level one.
  • No class grants access to more than one nonstandard call at level two.
  • Core rules streamlined.
  • Skill trees replaced with level requirements and pre-requisites.
  • Internal links provided wherever nonstandard calls or supplementary rules referenced.
  • Paladins and Plane Weavers moved into 'Available Classes'.
  • Forest Touched, Shapers, Ichor Savants and Seers are still in beta.
  • Design Blog created to share thoughts & maybe promote discussion about linear LARP system design.

19th September 2017 - v1.0

  • Draft wiki launched for playtest.
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