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Nonstandard Calls

  • The following effect calls are nonstandard.
  • The rules for these calls should be briefed at the start of any adventure they appear in.

Offensive Calls


Duration: 10s

  • You are frozen in place.
  • Pause all ongoing counts.
  • You take no damage and are unaffected by other effect calls.
  • You must call VOID in response to all calls and damage.
  • Roleplay freezing in place.

Social Calls

The (Muse) Is Watching

Duration: Instant

  • For the rest of the encounter, the named Muse will be observing what takes place and judging everybody's actions accordingly.
  • You cannot RESIST this call.

You're The Worst

Duration: Instant

  • The target gains the roleplaying effect that they have just heard the caller say whatever the target would find to be most insulting.
  • You cannot RESIST this call.

Utility Calls


Duration: Instant

  • Called as a reaction to any effect or damage call.
  • The whole part of the call has been avoided.
  • Void indicates that a target cannot be affected in this way in their current state.

Group On Me

Duration: Instant

  • If your ally makes this call:
  • If you move directly towards the caller, you are under the effect of AGILITY until you are within 1m of them.
  • You may choose to be affected by this call even if you are unconscious or bleeding out.
  • If you ever don't wish to take a Link call, you can reactively gain a RESIST which you can use against it.
  • Participants may choose to break Links between encounters. Otherwise, they do not fade.
  • Whenever either of you enter a psychic combat, you enter it together.
  • You may communicate with each other telepathically.
  • If you are more than 5m apart either member of the link may concentrate for 3s to call DISAPPEARING. They must then move directly until they are next to the other member and call APPEARING.
  • This may be done whilst bleeding out.
  • This call is maintained by the Connection Weaver who made it.
  • As long as both participants remain within 1m of each other:
  • The Connection Weaver who made the Nearlink may call HEAL 2 on each participant every 10s.
  • This call is maintained by the Connection Weaver who made it.
  • Any time they take a HEAL call, they must make that HEAL call against the other participant in the link.
  • Whenever either participant drops to 0 hits, they must call HEAL 10 against the other participant.
  • This ends the DEATHLINK.

Call Modifiers

Blast X

Duration: Instant

  • An explosion has erupted at the point where you have been struck.
  • When hit by a BLAST X, you should immediately call MASS X.
  • This MASS call affects you as well.
  • BLAST calls cannot be modified.
  • You cannot RESIST this call.


  • This call modifies an existing call, e.g. ARC STAGGER.
  • This call is made by holding out one's arms to form a 90 degree cone.
  • Everyone within the cone within 5m of the person making the call takes the effect.
  • The person making the call is unaffected.


  • This call affects everybody in the player's adventuring party who can hear the call.
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