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This page will change as new NPCs are introduced, and old ones are retired.


Grand Magister Isabella (She/Her)

  • Connection Weaver. Friendly, but not necessarily nice. Has a penchant for trading memories. In charge of the Council of Rom, not only due to her political acumen, and desire to actually do the admin, but because she's the only magister that all of the others can stand to be around.

Magister Audata (She/Her)

  • Erosion Weaver. Dedicated to studying Deepest Erosion. Often loses track of time. Well meaning.

Magister Zaboul (They/Them)

  • Conflict Weaver. Tricksy. Enjoys shadenfreude. Has an infectious laugh.

Magister Idris (He/Him)

  • Perfection Weaver. Keeps himself to himself. Distrustful.

Councillor-Apprentice Nakamen (They/Them)

Councillor-Apprentice Sagirah (She/Her)

Councillor-Apprentice Vollux (They/Them)

Councillor-Apprentice Penthesilea (She/Her)

Scylla Frost (She/Her)

  • Connection Weaver. Ambitious scion of Rom. Critical of Nakamen.

Warden Salih Ravennah (He/Him)

  • Erosion Weaver. Warden of Rom's section of the Embrace.

Kelea Gregory (He/Him)

  • A Conflict Weaver trained in gladiatorial combat.

Justa (She/Her)

  • Forest touched. Quiet, shy, and nervous. Accepts her duties and punishments without complaint. Wants to make friends.

Dina Tran (She/Her)

  • Conflict Weaver. Enthusiastic but lacking in tact. Very interested in making Conflict denizens less Conflict-y, does dodgy experiments to try and accomplish this. This is relatively well-known.

Benedict Scrubb (He/Him)

  • Connection Weaver. Well-meaning, slightly bumbling, affable. Temporarily worked with Dina Tran - has a longstanding friendly rivalry with her.

Zara (She/Her) [DEAD]

  • Spry nonagenarian. Widow of a previous Magister. Not a Weaver but afforded a high level of respect in House Rom as a courtesy.

Bethania (She/Her)

  • A young con-artist, once a partner of Zara. Rescued from a timeless Perfection prison after seventy-seven years. Extremely snarky.

Councillor-Apprentice Horace Mac Diarmada (He/Him)

  • Perfection Weaver. Son of Zara. Lazy and self-entitled.

Apprentice Hana Ní Diarmada (She/Her)

  • Perfection Weaver. Granddaughter of Zara. Studious. No sense of humour.

Apprentice Gerharde Kamali (He/Him)

  • Perfection Weaver. Scion of the Kamali family lost in Perfection decades ago and trapped in a planar prison; now rescued.

Apprentice Ragnhild of Rom (She/Her)

  • An Erosion weaver who believes study of the Planes should remain within House Rom.

Apprentices Magnus (He/Him) and Madelina Vanderbilt (She/Her)

  • Snobbish Perfection weaver twins.

The Barrens

Tyrant Petronax (He/Him)

  • Of 'Esteban'.

Tyrant Laverna (She/Her) (DEAD)

  • Of 'Rom'.

Thief Laird Flavia (She/Her)

  • Laird of the Blazing Bolts

Tyrant Aphra

  • Of 'Rom'

Maximus (He/Him)

  • Leader of the True Outlaws

Warden Decima (She/Her)

  • Warden of the Barrens section of the Embrace.

Anastasia (She/Her)

  • Burly owner of the Pickle Inn.

Imperial Commission

Commissioner Arzu (They/Them)

  • Commissioner who recently passed their 1st Substance Exam. Their chosen material was Malachite.

Master Commissioner Alexis Telemova (She/Her)

  • Master Commissioner responsible for recruitment and public relations. Her mutations make her appear as a large spider, with many legs and the ability to spray Ichor from her thorax.

Master Commissioner Dmitri Romov (He/Him)

  • Very smiley, elasticated Commissioner, with responsibility for current active experimentation into Black Ichor and the “EVICT” chamber.

Commissioner Heléne Romova (She/Her)

  • Commissioner who has been working under Alexis Telemova. Her chosen material is Iron.

Commissioner Maiya (She/her)

  • Commissioner with intermittent hearing difficulties. She specialises in crystal, and has a tendency to get very absorbed in her work (metaphorically speaking).

Master Commissioner Oberon Pyrite (He/Him)

  • Commissioner in charge of recruitment and security of outside personnel.

The Mystikos (They/Them)

  • In charge of the Imperial Commission.
  • (To those in the know) Head of an underground cult signified by the symbol of a crushed mutated flower.

Master Commissioner Kyros Draconis (He/Him)

  • Father of Zosime Dracona and Cassielle (Hail the Arrival of Dawn). Generally serious and solemn. Literally a giant fish. Blorp.

Commissioner Firminus (He/Him)

  • A junior commissioner with a chosen material of gold.

The Wastes

Warden Jessamy of the Imperial Commission (He/Him)

  • Likes to watch the clouds. Old. Contrary. His back is lined with millepede legs that let him scuttle about. Mostly just wants an easy life.

Shaper Dmitri (He/Him)

  • An accredited Shaper who is a scavenger operating out of the Barrens. Works with Anoushka and is in a relationship with Roderika.

Imperial Boulevard

Devout Cleomedes Huq of the Torch (He/Him)

  • Warden of the Imperial Boulevard. Responsible for ordering the Beacons of the Embrace be lit.

Grandmaster Anastasia Dandachi of the Torch (She/Her)

Devout Imari Braska of the Rod (She/Her)

  • Vow: “I will never make the same mistake twice.”
  • Taciturn. Travels alone. Observant. Brusque but not unkind.

Grandmaster Marlon Grandwick of the Rod (He/Him)

Grandmaster Afef Afolayan of the Throne (The Imperial Envoy) (They/Them)

Aspirant Forthright of the Throne (They/Them)

  • Shares the same room as Mabel.

Chosen Adora of the Throne (She/Her)

  • Paladin in charge of the simulation room.

Aspirant Roderick Rodson of the Rod (He/Him)

  • A rod paladin. Friends with Roderika and Roderica. Has vowed to never heal another and has disdain for those who do.

Aspirant Roderica of the Rod (She/Her)

  • A rod paladin. Friends with Roderika and Roderick Rodson. Her vow is to never surrender and has learnt the healing arts as a way not to surrender to death.

Aspirant Roderika of the Rod (She/Her)

  • Born in the Barrens, Roderika was formerly a scavenger of the Wastes with Anushka and Dmitri before finding her calling with the Order of the Rod. She is friends with Roderick Rodson and Roderica and in a relationship with Dmitri. Vowed to never make the same mistake twice.


King Crescentius I of Telemere (They/Them He/Him)

  • Newly-elected King of the District - an old office which hasn't been used for what may be centuries.

Warden Baudolino (He/Him)

  • Old Torch Paladin with a history of coaching teams in the annual Blood Games. Very close to the former Warden, Orderic, and deeply sad about their death. Takes the office of Warden as penance.

Warden Orderic (DEAD) (He/Him)

  • Warden of the Telemere section of the Embrace. Sensible, traditional, honourable, kind, and much loved.

Kavalier Gideon the Golden (He/Him)

  • A gladiatorial champion of much renown. Insufferable.

Katepon Larissa (She/Her)

  • An erosion Weaver with influence at court.

Exarch Mago

Exarch Laodice

Exarch Aster

Exarch Vaani


  • A jester.

The Stingelhelms

Katepon Tielo Gregory of Telemere (He/Him)

  • An accredited Shaper. Disapproving of the formation of the Telemere army as a result of Casus Belli.

The Circle of The Enlightened Mind

Head of the Board of Education, Min Ishtar of the Circle (She/Her)

Professor of Architecture, Fathiya Gall of the Circle (She/Her)

Professor of Human Logistics, Xenie of the Circle (She/Her)

Professor of Linguistics, Cornelia Chol of the Circle (She/Her)

  • Hirer for 'The Dig'. Met their demise in the caves below the Wastes researching a hitherto-unknown language, but thankfully turned out to be one of the Blessed. Arch rival of Thaddeus.

Professor of Artifacts, Thaddeus Grimm of the Circle (He/Him)

  • Shaper of skill; Arch rival of Cornelia. Pragmatic. Proactive. Reasonable; affable.

Professor of Suppositions, Callista Gamboge of the Circle (She/Her)

  • Encountered in 'The Rastaban Serpent'. Studies urban legends and seeks evidence to prove or disprove them.

Professor of Art History, Fjona Nataliasdottir (She / Her)

Professor of Rhetoric, Fuxton Limpershale (He/Him)

Under Professor of Suppositions, Gerome Verdigris of the Circle (He/Him)

  • Formerly the Under Professor of Xenie, Gerome managed to get himself transferred to a far more comfortable position under Callista Gamboge. Either he's a compulsive liar or he just really enjoys messing with people.

Svante Perin of the Circle (He/Him)

  • A talented scholar whose star is rising within the Circle of the Enlightened Mind. Older brother of Peleus Perin.

Olga Van Claude (She/Her)

  • Student of the Circle of the Enlightened Mind.
  • Inspired to Study Art History following her Day of Dreams vision.

Student Valencia of the Circle (She/Her)

  • A student of Anthropological Mycology.

Student Giselle May of the Circle (She/Her)

  • A student of Art who helps out for extra credit.

Professor of Interdisciplinary Affairs, Constance of the Circle (She/Her)

  • Scholar responsible for matters that concern all planar disciplines.

Shapers College

Cyan Habreham (He/Him)

  • A famous painter. Used to be a prolific producer of Icons and human depictions of the Muses under the old doctrine.


Lyra, The Blessed (She/Her)

  • Beautiful and generous. An inspiration to those that know her.

Flavia Taan (She/Her)

  • A strong candidate for the richest person in the City, let alone the House. Used to be Kaiser. Powerful shaper

Warden Simpkin (DEAD) (He/Him)

  • Unbeknownst to all, had been killed and replaced by Changeling Quercus several months prior.

Warden Asli Celestine (She/Her)

  • A powerful scion of House Esteban. Newly elected Warden of the Embrace.

Bastion Esposito (He/Him)

  • Heir to the incredibly wealthy Esposito estate. Good natured but naive and probably not particularly clever. However he seems very enthusiastic about heroism and the glory of Rastaban, which coupled with his substantial resources means he often hires adventures to help him pursue his most recent flight of fancy.

Devout Phasael of the Torch (He/Him)

  • Formerly tutor to Victor Esposito (dead). Services were terminated in an ugly fracas; has since found work elsewhere in Esteban.

Kaiser Lucretia Kealstat “the Silver-Tongued” (She/Her)

  • The head of the Kealstat dynasty, a more criminal banker than is normal.

Damien Sallun “the Farseer” (He/Him)

  • The leader of the third large faction within the house of from a relatively young dynasty which has recently risen to prominence. Mostly due to the revolutionary new business practices, which have earned the head of house the deed name farseer.

Igneous McNally (He/Him)

  • A resident of Rivergate town. An inventor and shipwright whose enthusiasm is far greater than his skill.

Palace District

The Silent Regent (She/Her)

Councillor-Apprentice Balthasar Chrysoloras (He/Him)

  • A decapitated head with the consciousness of a weaver trapped inside it, aware but incapable of movement and able to communicate only through connection weaving. Has significant knowledge of dream. Retained in evidence of the Imperial Court indefinitely.

Outside The Embrace

Grandmaster Leymoon Wen of the Wheel (He/Him)

  • Vow: I will always choose action over inaction.

Yaalon Ramzi of the Foresters Guild (He/Him)

Alicia d’Estena Rastova (She/Her) (DEAD..?)

  • Huge wheel fan, though not an actual Paladin. Overly enthusiastic and prone to mistakes.
  • Condemned for Treason as of the Iconoclasts, though there are rumours she has been seen in Rivergate Town since.

Stalwart Leofric of the Foresters Guild (He/Him)

  • A veteran Forester with a particular dislike of the Forest Touched.

Apprentice Malila of the Wheel (She/Her)

  • An enthusiastic Wheel paladin who loves speed and adventure.

The Plane of Perfection

Glory (It/Its)

  • A monumentally powerful denizen that resembles a seemingly boundless sea of rippling mercury. Usually too large in scale to notice humans - which is most definitely a good thing.

Setra (They/Them)

  • The half-remembered consciousness of a master shaper, preserved high up in the Tower.

Order (He/Him)

  • Large golden sphinx. Warden of a planar prison.

Law (They/Them)

  • An androgynous figure with a blank metallic mask. A tireless agent, coolly courteous but believing absolutely in the right of law.

The Plane of Erosion

'Autumn' (She/Her)

  • An erosion denizen of quite some power, interfering in the surface world for unknown reasons.

Keeper Ajrail (They/Them)

  • An erosion denizen affiliated with Autumn. Keen to bring movement and life to the static and dead Rastaban - because, of course, movement and life lead inexorably to rot and decay.

Vashti, the Hour of Death (She/Her or They/Them)

  • A powerful, skeletal denizen dressed in rags. She has little interest in the Mundane Plane. Was, for a time, bound in a box by a Plane Binder from the Unbroken Chain but has now been freed.

Assembly/Disassembly (They/Them, plural and singular)

  • A strange denizen which likes to fragment into pieces. When fully fragmented, they have no consciousness but when the pieces are brought together, their intelligence grows. In this way, it's possible to make a friend in Erosion.

The Great Sunfish (She/Her)

  • An immense, majestic leviathan of the deep Erosion seas. Though few have ever seen her, she appears friendly and particularly fond of pink marimos.


Goldenrod (She/Her)

Cassiopea (She/Her)

Verity (She/Her)

The Phantom (???)

Asher Kelvin (She/Her)

  • Final survivor of the Last Bastion, Kelvin is a genius Ichorwerker responsible for the creation of the monstrous Elect. Last seen fleeing into the Forest after her creations deemed her unworthy and a party of adventurers destroyed her supply of Black Ichor.

The Gateway

Elias of Estaban, Warden of the Gateway (He/Him)

  • Warden in charge of the Gateway, a fortress defending the entry-point into Rastaban via the crashed ship near Fool's Landing.

Fool's Landing

Mayor Edouwe (She/Her)

  • Nominally in charge of Fool's Landing.

The Empire of Rastaban

Legatus Denarion (He/Him)

  • An important military commander in the Empire of Rastaban. Charged with leading the armies north against Fool's Landing and the Unbroken Chain.
  • Voluntarily stepped down from this post shortly after the events of The Empire Strikes Back, believing himself to have been compromised by unknown forces. His replacement will certainly not be the brilliant strategist and tactician he was, but their identity is currently not widely known.

The Philosophy of Seluga

Rostuf, Mendicant Librarian (They/Them)

  • Someone who preserves and collects knowledge. Seeking the cause of the 'Desolation of Knowledge', when the memory of the world was wiped away.

The Unbroken Chain

Malia Adrovan (She/Her)

  • Conflict Binder ruler of the town of Adrovan
  • Cousin of Lilia

Lilia Adrovan (She/Her) - DEAD

  • Ousted Conflict Binder nobility of the town of Adrovan
  • Cousin of Malia

Emélie Poveza (She/Her)

  • De Facto leader of the diaspora of Povezan Connection Binders
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