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Forest Touched

  • The Forest of Loss takes those who it touches, hollows them out, and sends them back as monstrous husks to unknown ends.
  • However, there are a select few that emerge, not unchanged, but still themselves. There was something within them that could not be broken, could not be snuffed out, by the full force of Loss.
  • This change grants the Forest Touched power over life, and the flow of life, in a symbiotic relationship with the seed of the Forest inside themselves.
  • Their powers are greatest when within the Forest or its bounds.

Class Feature: Outcast

  • Forest Touched are treated with suspicion and fear throughout Rastaban. Only in the Forester's Guild, and Outside the Embrace, does this fear and suspicion ease off.
  • In those outer places, they understand the dangers the Forest poses, and appreciate how crucial the Forest Touched are in combating that peculiar menace.
  • Forest Touched typically fare worse than their counterparts in the social politics of the City. Services are harder to obtain; trust and kinship harder to earn.
  • In any situation where blame is equally likely to be attributed to any one of a number of people, and one of them is Forest Touched, then it is likely the Forest Touched will bear the blunt of the blame.

Class Feature: Survivor

  • You gain hits equal to (your psyche hits) minus 6.

Class Feature: Affiliation

  • Gain the Affiliate skill for the Forester's Guild.



Sense of the Forest

  • This allows you to tell information about the general area, and if the forest has taken an active interest in you.
  • You can also tell whether creatures or plants fall under the forest's dominion at a distance.
  • By examining a person's blood you may, with time, tell whether they are a changeling, forest touched or have some other forest based affliction. Without this skill the blood merely tells you that someone is linked to the forest in some way.

Gift of Life

  • You may freely transfer body hits to anyone within sword reach.
  • Take X damage to call HEAL X at someone within sword reach.

Immaterial Threads

  • Whenever you HEAL someone through medical roleplay you HEAL them for 1 additional point.

Flesh Hard as Stone

  • Gain a RESIST.


Circle of Life

  • Whenever you HEAL someone else through medical roleplay, take a HEAL 2.

Increased Regeneration

  • You recover from pain and wounds quicker than most.
  • Take all WOUND calls at half duration.
  • When fighting against forest creatures: gain a DODGE per monster physrep, which must be used against that creature.

Surge of Might

  • Your limbs surge with unnatural strength as the flame of your life burns brighter.
  • You may take a TRIPLE to call REPEL by melee.

Animal Companion

  • You have a loyal animal companion, which is also touched by the forest.
  • You are able to communicate with this animal on an instinctual level and even to a limited degree share its senses.
  • This animal can be anything (within reason) but pick one of the benefits below which seems appropriate.
  • You may if you wish buy this skill multiple time to take additional benefits but may only gain each benefit once.
  • Gain 3 uses of FEAR per encounter. You can use this during medical roleplay with no penalty.
  • Gain 1 DODGE per encounter which may be used to dodge ranged calls.
  • Gain 1 PSYCHE.

Deep Roots

  • You are able to do more whilst bleeding out than others.
  • You can, with effort, crawl on the floor, or talk.



Pre-req: Deep Roots

  • You may hide your life deep inside within the thorny briar which now takes the place of your heart.
  • When you are bleeding out your body attempts to regenerate itself.
  • Twice per adventure after 20 seconds of your death count you may take a HEAL FULL.

Thorn Shard

  • You tear a shard of Thorn from your body.
  • Take a QUAD
  • This should be represented by a dagger, which counts as standard quality.
  • When you strike with the dagger you may call CURSE.
  • If this is not dodged you may count the target as a forest creature, as the shard worms its way into their flesh.
  • Once you have hit an opponent with the dagger, you must discard it, as the physrep is consumed.

Forged Will

  • Gain 1 RESIST.


  • Whilst within the forest of loss you may at least temporarily bend it to your purpose.
  • You may take a TRIPLE to call WOUND BOTH LEGS on someone at range.
  • You may take a DOUBLE to call REPEL.
  • You may take a TRIPLE to call STUN.

Viridian Dreams

  • You no longer need to sleep.
  • If you decide to try anyway, talk to a GM.

Immaterial Threads

  • Whenever you HEAL someone through medical roleplay you HEAL them for 1 additional point.


Twin Sorrows, One Root

  • Gain a RESIST.

Transfer Thornheart

Pre-req: Thornheart

  • You transfer your Thornheart to a dead body.
  • The body has to have some flesh left on it.
  • This process takes 60s concentration.
  • If the process succeeds, you awaken in the new body on 1 hit.
  • Afflictions of the mind carry over between bodies; afflictions of the body do not.
  • If your concentration is interrupted your maximum body hits drop to 0.
  • You do not begin to bleed out.

Devour from Within

  • You may tear apart creatures of the forest from from within, but not without cost to yourself.
  • You may take a QUAD to call QUAD at range to a forest creature.


  • Once per adventure you may attempt to treat more potent or long term conditions by driving out the cause of the malady.
  • This must be done on an adventure so the GM can put together an appropriate psychic combat but can attempt to cure afflictions of any potency.
  • Note that this requires the willing participation of the individual and if it succeeds they will be forever linked to you.
  • You may take your party with you.

Life Unending

Pre Req. Viridian Dreams

  • Afflictions of the body which affect you count as one potency lower.


Quicken the Sap

  • Medical roleplay takes you 8s, instead of 10s.

Pierce the Veil

Pre Req. Life Unending

  • Afflictions of the mind which affect you count as one potency lower.

Abjuration of Loss

  • Once per adventure you may attempt to seize control of a section of the Forest of Loss.
  • This will initiate a psychic combat.
  • There will be consequences depending on your success or failure.
  • If you wish to retire using this ability the magnitude of the effect is likely to be greater.

Graft the Sapling

  • When someone dies, you may attempt to bring them back to life.
  • Cut off one of your limbs.
  • This is a chronic affliction of the body AND the mind. You cannot phsyrep using this limb - it is as though you were under the effect of a WOUND, but permanently.
  • Over the course of an encounter or short rest, the severed limb sprouts and grows into a facsimile of the dead person.
  • This is likely to have ongoing effects for that person.

Moment's Grace

  • Once per adventure you may call PARTY HEAL FULL. You may make this call even if you are bleeding out.
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