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Class Feature: Initiate's Vow

  • When you join the cult of an Imperial Muse, you swear a vow.
  • As a Paladin of the Torch, pick one vow from below:
  • I will never choose what is easy over what is right.
  • I will never tell a lie.
  • I will never leave the helpless unprotected.
  • You should roleplay this vow accordingly.
  • This vow allows you to use Might to perform the Acts below.
  • If you ever feel as though you have violated your vow, let the GM know:
  • You will lose all your Might for the adventure.

Class Feature: Might

  • Each Act costs 1 Might to perform.
  • Might is restored between encounters.
  • Each Paladin begins with 3 Might.
  • Your maximum Might can be increased by purchasing the 'Might' Paladin Skill.

Class Feature: Affiliation

  • As a starting level Torch Paladin, gain the Affiliate skill for your Order for free.


  • You must purchase Acts with XP as you would normal skills.


Embers Rekindled

  • Call FIGHT ON!

Piercing Gaze

  • Your gaze pierces the guilty.
  • You may call FEAR at a target you can see.
  • You may make this FEAR call without interrupting your medical roleplay.

Guiding Light

  • Your eyes fill with torchlight. Your way ahead is clear.
  • You may use this act when you are unclear of what to do next.
  • The Torch will provide some form of guidance at GM discretion.


Burning Blade

  • Your blade begins to flicker with unearthly flame.
  • You may call WOUND by melee.

One with Flame

  • You can absorb fire and force, redirecting it to your whims.
  • You may use this act reactively to do the following:
  • RESIST a BLAST, calling HEAL 6 on yourself instead.
  • Alternatively, at GM discretion, to resist the ill-effects from exposure to a mundane source of flame: e.g. a burning building.

Dramatic Rescue

  • Pick an ally you can see who is under attack or bleeding out.
  • You may use this Act:
  • Call AGILITY,
  • You must use this to relocate yourself next to the target as best you are able.


Burning Conviction

  • You may fire your allies with the conviction of the Torch.
  • Call HEAL 3 by melee to someone other than yourself.


  • Once per encounter: you may use this Act when you are on your death count.
  • Call HEAL 6 on yourself.


Blazing Banishment

  • You hold out an open hand. A beam of sacred light shines forth.
  • Call ARC REPEL.
  • Alternatively, at GM discretion, this ability can be used to fully illuminate an area or allow everyone in the encounter to see properly.


  • You can burn your life essence rather than succumb to weakness.
  • You may use this act reactively to do the following:
  • Take a TRIPLE to gain a RESIST.



  • Concentrate for 5s, you may then use this Act:

No Further!

  • Concentrate for 3s as you plant both feet in the ground, you may then use this Act:
  • So long as you do not move your feet:
    • You may call REPEL by melee.
    • Call IMMUNE to any effect that would force you to move.
  • Moving your feet ends the effect of this Act.
  • Making any other call (except RESIST or VOID or IMMUNE) ends the effect of this Act.




  • You have made an icon to the Muse you follow.
  • Twice per adventure you may use this to attempt to divine the Muse's opinion on a matter.
  • You must phrase your enquiry in the form: what does (MUSE) feel about (TOPIC).
  • Responses usually take the form of complex visions or emotions.
  • Icons are hard to lose or break.
  • If either occurs, they will likely find their way back to the paladin, restored, after a couple of encounters.
  • Paladins of the Torch typically carry some form of light source as their icon.
  • This light will never go out.
  • When carrying this icon, the paladin is IMMUNE to FEAR.

Sense Devotion

  • You may sense other paladins or Muses.
  • In addition, you can tell whether a paladin you meet is following the same path as you.
  • At GM discretion, you can sense significant acts which have taken place recently in the vicinity.



Pre-req: Icon

  • You can use your Icon to draw your Muse's attention more closely.
  • Once per adventure, you may call THE TORCH IS WATCHING.
  • For the rest of the encounter, your Muse will be observing what takes place and judging your actions accordingly.

Holy Intent (Downtime)

  • You may ceremonially declare a goal that you are pursuing.
  • Once per encounter, when in pursuit of your goal, you may call HEAL 4 on yourself or a member of your party.
  • Furthermore, word will quickly spread through Rastaban that this declaration has been made and that you made it.
  • You may also receive other effects at GM discretion.
  • You may only have one Holy Intent.
  • Performing this ceremony again can end the declaration or re-target it.


  • Gain 2 Might.



  • Once per adventure may perform a great feat within your Muse's purview.
  • For example, you may guide another to acceptance of a difficult truth, permanently banish a source of metaphysical darkness, or protect those who are weaker or more vulnerable than you. Consult a GM.
  • There are also two standard combat applications of this feat that you may use without GM consultation:
  • Call PARTY HEAL 4.
  • Gain a WOUND by melee against each monster physrep in the encounter.
  • Alternatively, you may use this ability once ever to retire your character.
  • Call a TIME FREEZE.
  • Your body is consumed in flame, in an act of ritual sacrifice.
  • What follows next will depend upon your relationship with your Muse, and the situation, but you should at the very least expect it will result in your party being fully healed and gaining defensive calls.
  • Your Muse will be watching what follows.

Icon Attunement

Pre-req: Icon

  • Your icon gives you a limited ability to gauge the conviction of others.
  • Twice per adventure, you may cast the light of your icon over another.
  • You will learn of something that this person fears.
  • Further information may be provided at GM discretion.
  • In addition, once per adventure, you may regain all your lost Might. Roleplay this accordingly.


  • Gain 2 Might.


Help the Helpless

  • While you are within sword reach of an ally who is bleeding out;
  • And you are actively fighting to defend them:
    • This counts as medical roleplay for you with the ally as your patient.
    • Medical roleplay takes twice as long to perform when delivered in this way.


  • Gain 2 Might.


Echoes of Self

Pre-req: Icon Attunement

  • For one encounter per adventure, your icon bursts into flames as your heart blossoms with conviction.
  • Whenever you are on 0 hits, you may lose 2 maximum hit points to call HEAL 10 on yourself.
  • You may not fall below 0 maximum hits in this way.
  • At the end of the encounter, your maximum hits return to normal.

Personal Vow

  • You may, once ever, make a personal vow.
  • This represents your unique relationship to your Muse.
  • When you purchase this skill, contact the LARPO.
  • Together we will work out the advantages and drawbacks of this vow.
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