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The Great Houses

  • The Great Houses began as various departments within the Imperial Bureaucracy. During the Isolation, they slowly seized control, absorbing other departments, consolidating power; eventually cementing themselves into positions of great authority within the city.
  • Each of the Great Houses controls a District of Rastaban, renamed in their honour.
  • Membership of a Great House can be hereditary, if the Head of House approves it.
  • Whilst many citizens may belong to a Great House in name, far fewer are part of the group that effectively holds power within that House.

Great House Esteban

  • Great House Esteban used to be the Department of Taxation.
  • Now they are Rastaban's largest banking conglomerate.
  • Esteban headquarters is a large enclave pressed up against the walls of the Imperial Palace.

Great House Telemere

  • Great House Telemere used to be the Department of Justice.
  • Now they control the largest private army in the city, and their District boasts a formidable legal system.
  • Telemere Headquarters is a small fortress standing alone in a large expanse in their District.

Great House Rom

  • Great House Rom used to be the Department of Extraplanar Affairs,
  • Now they are a noble house comprised primarily of Plane Weavers.
  • Their headquarters is built upon the blackened ruins of the Imperial Archive.

"Great House" Keelen

  • Great House Keelen is not a Great House.
  • The moniker is a joke, but reveals a deeper truth: Keelen wield enough power in Rastaban to rival the official Houses.
  • Keelen are a collection of criminals, kingpins, and ne'er-do wells.
  • Keelen provide smuggling, assassination and other services vital to the smooth running of legitimate business.
  • Their base of operations is almost certainly somewhere in the Barrens, the District they claim as their own.
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