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Naming Guide

Names in Rastaban

  • Rastaban, as a former seat of a world-spanning Empire, became a melting pot of all peoples, and as such, we encourage players to gen with names that represent the diversity inherent therein.
  • Names which are slightly more archaic - for example, names that were in use in the medieval period - are in keeping with the anachronistic nature of the City of Rastaban.

Naming Conventions

  • There are different ways of rendering your name in Rastaban, which vary from very formal to very informal.
  • When introducing oneself second, one should use a similar formality of name with one's social peers, a more formal version of one's name with social inferiors, and a less formal version of one's name with social superiors.
  • When introducing yourself, you should never use the most formal version of your name unless you're sure you're dealing with a social inferior.
  • These rules of social engagement may be relaxed when speaking in private.
  • Most Formal (Archaic, Fallen out of use): (AFFILIATION 1) e (AFFILIATION 2) Sou (NAME) (HIGHEST TITLE)
  • Neutral (NAME) of (AFFILIATION)
  • Informal: (NAME)
  • Most Formal (Archaic, Fallen out of use): Torch e Rom sou Anastasia Dandachi, Grandmaster
  • Formal: Grandmaster Anastasia Dandachi of the Torch
  • Neutral: Anastasia Dandachi of the Torch
  • Informal: Anastasia Dandachi

Family Names, House Names

  • Belonging to a family unit, and using a family name (i.e. surname) is permissable. However, both are strictly optional.
  • There are those that believe that allegiances to one's family draw focus away from the allegiance one owes one's House, and so very deliberately eschew their surname.
  • Then, there are others that believe that such bonds reinforce one another, and there is no conflict, so long as one is a Good Citizen, and serves the Empire in one's heart.
  • Both positions are valid within Rastaban.

Deed Names

  • Through one's acts, works, or exploits, one may come into possession of a Deed Name.
  • Deed names are appended to your name, e.g. Tamura “Amber Blade” of Rom.

Deed Names in Play

  • Deed names are a special kind of Quirk which can affect how one is treated in Rastaban. Being “the Reveller”, might open a door into an exclusive party, whereas “Imp-smiter” may suggest a certain prowess when dealing with the Plane of Conflict.
  • A character can only ever have a single Deed Name, and it cannot be forced onto a character - they must choose to adopt it willingly.
  • On receiving subsequent Deed Names, a player may choose to lose & replace their existing one to adopt the new name instead.
  • A GM may award a player an opportunity to gain a Deed Name if they have accomplished something notable. A player may quite reasonably also ask if something special they have done might result in a deed name.
  • Deed names should be unique, and should reflect the act which created them.
  • As a rule of thumb, Deed names should scale with epicness/awesomeness roughly as players gain more renown and more experience.
  • Deed names are intended to be a cool thing that someone gets for doing something interesting from time to time, and not something that one will get as a matter of course every adventure.
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