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Supplementary Rules

Refunding XP

  • If a skill is ever changed after you have bought it, you may choose to un-buy it, which refunds the XP.
  • If this would cause you to lose the pre-requisites for later skills, you may un-buy those skills too.

Item Attunement

  • You can only attune to one set of equipment (e.g. a loadout) at the start of each encounter.
  • You can only gain the benefit of instillments in items you have attuned to.

Throwing Dagger Sets

  • A set of throwing daggers is six daggers, preferentially of the same type, so we can easily track which daggers are whose and reduce the chance of them going missing.

Carrying Multiple Weapons

  • It is possible to carry multiple weapons (e.g. weapon(s) in addition to the one(s) you are carrying), but these must be physrepped.
  • When picking weapons at the start of the LARP, and you want to take multiple weapons, you should give due consideration to a) make sure that each player gets a pick before you take any additional weapons; b) don't deprive the monster party of all of a particular type of weapon unless the GM says this is OK.

Weapon Categories

  • The LARPOs have the final say in which weapons and shields belong to which categories.

WOUND calls and weapon loadouts

  • If you are carrying a 2h weapon, and take a WOUND in one arm, you may defend yourself by moving the 2h weapon safely in the other hand, but you may not attack with it.
  • If you are carrying a single 1h weapon, and take a WOUND in that arm, you may take that weapon with your un-WOUNDed arm and fight with it as normal.

Alternative Psychic Combat (Experimental)

  • Instead of fighting a one-on-one psychic combat, you may choose to play rock paper scissors:
    • Every time you lose a round of RPS, lose a psyche hit.
    • The first to 0 loses.

Leaving an Encounter

  • It is possible to leave an encounter once it has started.
  • Unless otherwise specified, it takes the following to leave an encounter:
  • 60s of fleeing whilst not being actively pursued
  • 60s of hiding whilst not being discovered.
  • Choosing to leave the encounter after meeting these conditions is voluntary.
  • Once you have left an encounter, place your fingers in the air and call DISAPPEARING.
  • Once you have left an encounter, you cannot rejoin it.


  • Retirement will permanently render a character unplayable.
  • Any character may retire by using any skill they know if they can think of an appropriately dramatic use;
  • Consult a GM or call a TIME FREEZE as necessary.
  • Certain skills within the game grant specific retirement abilities.
  • Retirement is intended to be the opportunity to end your character's story in a dramatic fashion on your own terms.

Fluff Freeforms

  • Animus encourages the running of multiple fluff freeforms.
  • The LARPO should approve the time/date of the freeform.
  • The runner/host gets 1XP, once they have submitted a writeup.
  • The writeup should at minimum contain a list of bulletpointed facts.
  • PCs cannot use per adventure abilities or do anything which would require a GM call.
  • These freeforms do not trigger downtime actions or end-of-adventure abilities.

Herald of Echoes

  • Noncombatants may elect to play a Herald of Echoes, who are part of the player party.
  • Heralds are visible and audible, but intangible.
  • Heralds should keep two fingers in the air during combat to indicate they are not valid targets.
  • Heralds cannot purchase skills, have no hits, cannot wield weapons and may call VOID to any effect.
  • Heralds should not be counted by GMs when determining player:monster ratios.
  • Herald players will gain a special brief and a roleplaying effect.
  • If they wish, Heralds gain access to the following ranged calls each encounter, depending on the level of the adventure.
  • Level 2: +1 FIGHT ON!, 1 REPEL
  • Level 3: +1 STASIS, 1 REPEL
  • Level 4: +1 STASIS, 1 REPEL
  • Level 5: +1 STUN, 1 REPEL
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