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Epic Skills & Trees

  • We envisage Epic Skills being an important part of the game -
  • Single abilities which are powerful and interesting.
  • There will also be a small number of Epic Trees, consisting of several Skills.
  • There will be no Epic Skills available at game start.
  • Epic skills will have clear requirements or conditions for how to unlock them once they've been discovered so that players can aim for these, if they wish.
  • These skills still cost XP to purchase.

Planar Successor

Hint: Repeatedly sought to become subsumed by your Plane.


Invariance (Free/Mandatory)

  • Having been touched by perfection you are forever changed. You form becomes more difficult to effect and death shys away. These effects may not be immediately obvious to you.
  • You are no longer blessed, this means you no longer have the ability to perform medical roleplay without buying any skills and will not be brought back upon death.
  • Instead should you ever bleed out or be executed take a STASIS. This STASIS lasts until you are out of danger or the encounter ends whichever is longer.
  • In Erosion you lose all the beneficial effects of this tree.

Perfection Unmarred

  • When you are on full hits you may call IMMUNE to any effect call.
  • You MUST ignore the first damage call you take in an encounter. Call VOID.


From the Ashes (Free/Mandatory)

  • Having been touched by Erosion you are forever changed. These effects may not be immediately obvious to you.
  • You are no longer Blessed, this means you no longer have the ability to perform medical roleplay without buying any skills and will not be brought back in the same way upon death.
  • Instead, when you die, your body begins to rapidly decay. Once this process is complete, you are reborn from the ashes. (This takes <narrative coolness> length of time on a LARP).
  • You retain all your memories, but are a different version of yourself. Your old self has died, and you are regenerated. This is up to you to roleplay as you see fit.
  • In Perfection you lose the beneficial effects of this tree.

Twice-bright Candle

  • Whenever someone drops to 0 hits within sword reach of you, HEAL 2.

Planar Custodian

Hint: Comprehensively resisted the pull of your Plane.

Planar Surrogate

Class: Weaver
Req: Accept a piece of a very powerful Planar entity within yourself.


  • Once per encounter, you may use this ability: gain one Essence.
  • Keep track of every time you use this ability, and inform the LARPO at the end of the adventure.


Hint: An Ichorwerker with deep understanding of the Forest has made substantial changes to your body.

Ichor Thirst(Free/Mandatory)

You have consumed Black Ichor and been turned into an Elect. Your physical frame is substantially larger and is recognisably inhuman. You have also developed a craving for Black Ichor in its raw undiluted form which is normally fatal or at least incredibly uncomfortable for humans. On the plus side you can smell Black Ichor or those heavily effected by it. On the downside you will find it difficult to resist consuming Ichor if given an opportunity. On any adventure when you have successfully consumed Ichor you gain 2 hits. If you are Forest Touched, consuming Ichor causes you to take a STUN 60.

Physiological Supremacy Lv2

The Ichor coursing through your body allows you to perform feats of strength and resilience beyond mortal capabilities. Once per encounter, you may do one of the following:

  • Emergency fallback: next time you enter your death count in this encounter, you may talk and crawl as if under the effects of Deep Roots.
  • Activate Secondary Musculature: You may call WOUND or REPEL on your next blow.
  • Accelerate Reflexes: Gain a DODGE.
  • You may also use this to perform a freeform feat of power at GM discretion.

Forest Bane Lv3

Your form has been crafted to resist the Forest. You may treat any affliction of the Forest that you suffer as one potency lower. In addition, once per encounter, you may call MASS FEAR FOREST. If you are Forest Touched, this causes you to take a STUN.

Mental Fortress Lv4

You may turn the Elect conditioning within your mind into a useful tool. Twice per adventure With 10 seconds of concentration, you may enter a state of robotic calm and precision. In this state, your emotions are extensively dampened, your sense of superiority over other humans is greatly heightened, and your desire to remain pure and to share that purity with other, inferior lifeforms is substantially increased. This may be a serious detriment to your effectiveness as a member of a party. While in this state, you are IMMUNE to FEAR and ROLEPLAY and take WOUND and STUN at half duration. Certain afflictions and roleplaying effects may also be temporarily nullified at GM discretion.



  • You are particularly hated by a given NPC.
  • They will go out of their way to make your life difficult.
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