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The World that Could Be

Initial Brief

As a pulsing beacon lights up the sky to the south and waves of energy are detected resonating through the bronze tower, a shadowy recruitment drive gets underway as the order of the shroud hurriendly assembles a team to attempt to assassinate the god emperor.


Sumprema - Katie

Jasine - Anna

Jamil - Peyton

Carmen - Emma


The party don the disguises of the Archon, Governor and Legate and using the underway head towards the heart of the false empire. They encounter some road builders on the way who have discovered the underway and are exploring it but use their disguises to bluff their way past merely informing the Strategos that the group should be dealt with. When they emerge they find the city in the middle of a carnival as they celebrate the imminent completion of the great work.

Apparently the empire has for the last century been bent towards the construction of a great ritual Zigurat from which they plan to cast their great work. Realising quickly that this is where they are


Carmen flies out if the tower and hides in the fields outside Rastaban. Hiding her mutations she returns to the commission to find that the source of Ichor has been left behind. They are moving to secure the source of Ichor Benten created in the Unbroken Chain

The Ziggurat slowly collapses into ash as Jamil makes a swift escape and returns to the hirer at the tavern. Jamil receives the promised 5 favour and convinces then to construct a memorial to the fallen heroes who helped them escape the forest. The hirer is slightly concerned that the dagger was not recovered however.

Carmen speaks with the Mystikos and hiding her devotion to the Magos reveals most of what happened. The Commission is happy enough with Carmen to ensure her safety and after a bit of laying low returns to collect her own Favour from the hirer. The hirer is slightly ominous about how the change of scenery will be good for Carmen, removing them from corrupting influences.

Jamil returns to the Barrens and manages to secure support to advance their claim over the Esteban operations. The Tyrant of tyrants encourages their senior thieves to expand operations in the new prime real estate in the wastes.

Carmen tips Black Ichor over an acolyte as an act of worship to the Magos, they convert into a twisted feathered form.

Jamil infiltrates the commission and learns of their loss of Ichor, they hear talk of the need to recover Benten.

Carmen reveals many secrets to Alessia and recruits her assistance.


  • The capital of the false empire of Rastaban and Rastaban itself have switched locations as the climax of a titanic ritual.
  • The order of the shroud is currently running a full scale misinformation operation to prevent the rest of the false empire of Rastaban realising the switch has occurred although even supernaturally powered deception is unlikely to be able to keep this up for long.
  • Currently the status of the pretender city teleported into the forest is unknown.
  • Commissioners will be aware that the supplies of ichor under the commisions are starting to run dry, although word has gone out that this is to be kept a strict secret.
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