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The Bestiary

The following page contains stats for monsters, sorted by District. We encourage GMs to use these monsters freely in their LARP. This page is a work in progress and will be updated periodically.

The Wastes

Level 1

Mutant Snakes

  • 5 hits
  • No long weapons
  • 1 FEAR
  • 1 wave

Deep One

Like a cross between a fishperson and a tonberry.

  • 8 hits
  • One dagger
  • Dagger passive
  • Special: menacing walk: Will walk at a slow pace until they are in a position where they can BACKSTAB someone.
  • HEAL FULL after 20s of being on 0 hits unless executed.

Deep One (Innsmouth Edition)

  • 8 hits
  • 2 WOUND by blow
  • Special: Toxic Touch: after 10 seconds of standing over the target, call CURSE. This curse is a feeble affliction of the body that leaves players down a maximum hit and feeling unsure of themselves for one encounter.

Foul One (Boss)

Like a particularly disgusting fishperson

  • 8 hits
  • Blunt & Shield
  • Blunt Passive (gain a STAGGER whenever you knock someone out)
  • Special: Stench: Call a reflexive STUN 5 whenever you are struck.

Curious Critters

Appear as normal rodents but wrong

  • 5 hits
  • No long weapons
  • 1 WOUND after every 3 hits
  • Special: Secret Keeper Don’t attack people who have given you a secret. On death, scream a secret you have been told.
  • AI: Mob Critters are more likely to mob on one target to bring them down than to split up.

Dark One

Like an angry mole

  • 8 hits
  • Short weapons
  • Special: Burrower - Take a voluntary STAGGER in order to call RESIST.
  • AI: Darkvision - prioritise louder targets

Young One

Like a spritely angry mole

  • 8 hits
  • 3 DODGE
  • Special: Burrower - Take a voluntary STAGGER in order to call RESIST.

Psychotropic Pebbles

Pebbles with millipede legs. They can cause hallucinations on anyone they CURSE, which are stronger the more pebbles there are in the vicinity.

  • 5 hits
  • Daggers
  • 1 CURSE
  • HEAL FULL after 30s of being on 0 hits unless executed.
  • Special: Blend In - Can use Stealth to hide among ordinary rocks.

Level 2


The bodies of dogs. Recognizably not dogs.

  • 9 hits
  • Mix of regular weapons
  • Immune STAGGER.
  • Special: Countdown. When you drop from 7→6 hits, and from 4→3 hits, start counting down loudly from 10 to 0. When you hit 0, call MASS STAGGER. If another countdown is triggered when you're already counting down, restart from the newer one.


Opalescent slugs that yawn a lot.

  • 9 hits
  • Mix of regular weapons
  • Special: Sticky. When you drop from 7→6 hits, and from 4→3 hits, gain WOUND BOTH LEGS by melee.
  • Special: Yawn. If a PC yawns while fighting you, call CURSE on them.

Surprising Mole

  • 3 hits
  • 1 wave after 20s.
  • Special, AI:Surprise. Start DISAPPEARED. When you drop your fingers, call STUN on a target and prioritise attacking them.

Tar Monster

A sticky, oozing monster.

  • 8 hits
  • Unbalanced Weapon
  • Unbalanced Specialisation (start with a STAGGER, gain a STAGGER when you knock someone out (including other monsters!))
  • Special: Envelope You may call STUN instead of STAGGER against a STAGGERED target.
  • Special: Ooze When bleeding out, call STAGGER against any target within 5m.

Level 4

Augmented Dogsbody

Dogsbodies, but changed.

  • 9 hits
  • Mix of regular weapons
  • Immune STAGGER
  • Whenever you would have taken a STAGGER, HEAL 1.
  • * Special: Countdown When you drop from 7→6 hits, and from 4→3 hits, start counting down loudly from 10 to 0. When you hit 0, call MASS STAGGER. If another countdown is triggered when you're already counting down, restart from the newer one.

The Eriden Leviathan (Composite Monster) [DEAD]

No one has seen the full extent of these creature which lurks at the bottom of the Eriden, born from centuries of toxic effluence sinking and settling on the riverbed. Reports suggest that it has many claws, eyestalks, mouths and at least one giant eye.

Updated: It seems that the Eriden Leviathan sadly died some time after the transportation of the cities, starved of the ichor waste on which it lived. Its corpse was harvested by the Commission for useful essence.

Giant claws

  • 6 hits
  • 1 WOUND
  • Two weapons


  • 8 hits
  • Special: Teamwork Work in pairs with a FEAR every 10s, alternating. 4s concentration to call SINGLE at someone feared by the other eye.

Giant eye

  • 10 hits
  • IMMUNE all calls
  • Charge up 20s for a SINGLE REPEL beam

Beak Mouths

  • 6 hits
  • 2 WOUND
  • Special: Consume HEAL 0 players who go down and spend 30s concentrating to swallow them.

Outside the Embrace

The Forest of Loss

Level 1

Moss Poppet

Creepy dolls made of moss and with an inclination to chant off-key nursery rhymes.

  • 5 hits
  • Short/balanced weapons
  • Immune FEAR
  • Generally come in waves

Level 2

Warped Moss Poppets

Moss poppets with limbs sticking out at bizarre angles and far too many eyes.

  • 8 hits
  • Short/balanced weapons
  • Immune FEAR
  • 1 RESIST with a screeching laugh
  • Generally come in waves

Crooked Man

Twisted walking trees with the bodies of their victims hanging grimly from their branches.

  • 12 hits
  • Long weapons
  • Walking pace
  • May 'pick up' at most a single downed person with 10s concentration. This stabilises them but means they cannot move (but can be healed). The next time the Crooked Man takes an effect call, they RESIST it, but drop the person they are carrying. The Crooked Man should brief anyone they pick up with these rules while they're doing so. They also get dropped if the Crooked Man drops to 0 hits.

Rot Monsters

A hulking mass of rotten leaves, worms and shattered bone, which emits a powerful stench.

  • 6 hits
  • Swords
  • Can emit a foul smelling cloud which temporarily incapacitates its victims through an ARC STAGGER 3

Level 3


Huge spiders about the size of a person.

  • 12 hits
  • Short weapons
  • Can call WOUND at range after 3s concentration by spitting venom at a target
  • 5 DODGES

Level 4

Blooded Oak

A large, flat-topped tree with blood dripping down its trunk and the sound of gnashing teeth from within. Usually found in a grove, and is accompanied by the Shroud's Snare.

  • 50 hits
  • Immobile
  • No weapon
  • Calls EXECUTE after 30 seconds on anything dropped inside.
  • Can be forced to release its victims if attacked with fire or chopped down (killed).

Shroud's Snare

Long, grasping vines that ensnare themselves around the feet of victims, before dragging them into the maw of the Blooded Oak. Accompanies the Blooded Oak.

  • 10 hits
  • Short weapons
  • Can call the special call GRAPPLE on its victims after 5 seconds concentration. Once GRAPPLE has been called, the vine drags its victim towards the Blooded Oak, although the target can continue to attack and make calls. The vine cannot attack while using GRAPPLE.
  • Comes in waves.

Leaves on the Wind

  • Experimental boss monster, untested in play1).
  • Humanoid figures made of piles of leaves, floating on the wind.
  • This is a pseudo-composite monster.
    • Each monster physrep starts as a separate monster.
    • Each monster starts on some number of hits, however they have unlimited maximum hits.
    • By making use of the Forest healing and hit-point-transfer skills, these monsters may merge together into immense beings, or split apart into many smaller ones.
  • Start on 16 hits
  • Two uses of DISAPPEARING / APPEARING as their leaves disperse on the wind and reform somewhere else
  • May call HEAL FOUR on another Forest creature with 10 seconds medical roleplay
  • Ranged Gift of Life: May take X damage to call HEAL X at range on another Forest creature.
  • When dropped, immediately disperse - there is no corpse left to execute. Instead, monster physreps should float at the edge of the encounter, where they are valid targets for Ranged Gift of Life, allowing them to be ‘respawned’ as the Leaves making the call split in two.
  • AI: Harass the party, diving in and diving out. When low on hits, prefer to transfer all remaining hits to another Leaves, rather than fighting to the bitter end.

The Plane of Connection

Level 1


The bodies of huge spiders, and the heads of dogs, which can swivel a full 180 degrees.

  • 8 hits
  • 1 ranged WOUND BOTH LEGS after 5s concentration creating web lasso
  • Special Capture. Once a player is down, will HEAL 0 them after 5s concentration, and proceed to drag them slowly out of the encounter.


Giant closed bud tulips with pursed lips and dark shades around their eyes. Tell everyone everything, you just can’t stop talking.

  • 9 hits
  • 1 normal length weapon
  • Special: Deepest Roots You can continue talking and crawl around while bleeding out. You can continue talking even if EXECUTEd.

Level 2

Fear of Being Eaten

Gigantic dark maws somewhere between a huge venus flytrap and a carnivore's mouth. Want to make the players afraid as much as attacking them.

  • 10 hits
  • 1 WOUND by melee
  • 2 FEAR at range
  • SpecialConsume. When a player goes down, call HEAL 0 (Conscious), and spend 30s concentration swallowing them whole. If you succeed, brief them to be DISAPPEARED. They may reappear when you die.
  • SpecialPowered by Terror. If a PC ever makes a bold statement of terror ('We're all going to die';'It's hopeless!) regain all your calls.

Unhealthy Obsession

A rose that grows like a weed on the heart

  • 7 hits
  • 1 Balanced Weapon
  • Special: Obsession Pick a target and become unhealthily obsessed about an aspect of them (not in a romantic way). You gain DODGE to everything they try to do against you, but also cannot hurt them. Call WOUND 30 on them when you die.

The Plane of Erosion

Level 1


Squamous, ink-black things that hunger for life and warmth.

  • 4 hits
  • Long weapons
  • Special: Vision of Ending. When a player drops to 0 hits, a single tentacle should approach that player and narrate their slow and inevitable death, as they sink deeper and deeper into erosion and become nothing.

Swarm of Endings

Like a cross between a conger eel and a dementor.

  • 3 hits
  • Wave as directed.

Herald of Erosion

Like a skeleton left at the bottom of the ocean for a decade. Encrusted with corals and barnacles and riddled with horrible crawling things.

  • 10 hits
  • 10s concentration, free hand: call SINGLE at range
  • Call FEAR at the first person to successfully hit you
  • Call STUN at the second person to successfully hit you.

Benthic Horror (Composite Monster)

Like a deep-sea anglerfish: only sharper, harder to see, and more like a manifestation of death.

False Light (25%)

  • 8 hits
  • Fight defensively
  • STUN by range every 20s
  • Free to move away from the composite.

Mouth (25%)

  • 8 hits
  • 2 daggers
  • SINGLE by range every 20s
  • Special: Composite. Should never be more than sword reach from any other part of the composite, and often much less than that
  • Special: Exploitable AI. Mouths will go after the hottest thing.

Tails (50%)

  • 4 hits
  • long weapon
  • STAGGER by melee every 20s
  • Special: Composite. Should never be more than sword reach from any other part of the composite, and often much less than that.

The Plane of Conflict

Level 1


Annoying and pleased about it.

  • 3 hits
  • no long weapons
  • 1 YOU'RE THE WORST at range
  • 2 waves

Lashing Winds

  • 6 hits
  • 3 REPEL by melee.


  • 1 hit
  • 4 dodges
  • 1 STUN by melee.

Level 2

Men At Arms

4-armed creatures, with each arm armed to the teeth (and teeth armed to the teeth too)

  • 10 hits
  • Dual wield
  • 2 RESIST on calls that hit your arms (representing more arms doing the work)

Strife Hound

Vicious, stinking hounds of Conflict

  • 6 hits
  • 1 WOUND every 3 hits
  • 1 DODGE
  • AI: Jurassic Instincts - You can only see them if they’re moving.

Alpha Strife Hound (Boss)

Bigger, viciouser, stinkinger hound of Conflict

  • 10 hits
  • 1 STUN every 3 hits
  • Special: Salvage On a downed player, call HEAL X on a friendly target (including yourself) for every second of mutilation you perform. Don’t call EXECUTE!

Level 4


  • 3 hits
  • STASIS by melee every 5 hits
  • 3 waves.


  • 3 hits
  • STUN by melee every 5 hits
  • 3 waves.


  • 8 hits
  • Ambidex
  • preferably blunt/mace
  • 1 wave.


  • 6 hits
  • 1 DODGE
  • preferably blades single handed
  • 1 WOUND by melee
  • 1 wave.


  • 16 hits
  • Slow and lumbering
  • When hit by any effect call:
    • Gain one use of that effect call
    • Call VOID to further instances of that same call that hit you
    • This lasts until you are hit by a different effect call, at which point this instance of the ability ends, and the ability resets with the new call


  • 8 hits
  • Quick and zippy
  • Two WOUNDs


  • 1 hit
  • No weapons
  • Vibrates intensely, even when dropped
  • When dropped:
    • After 5 seconds, call MASS SINGLE
    • After a further 10 seconds, take a HEAL ONE

The Plane of Perfection

Level 1

Avatar of Purity

Inquisitor-like entities who attempt to drive out the unclean. They wear blank metal masks.

  • 7 hits
  • 1 STASIS by melee
  • Special: Purification in Progress. The Avatar will attempt to purify any players who go down. 30s of standing over the target: call HEAL 0, CURSE.
    • This CURSE is a feeble affliction of the spirit, associated with purging some form of impurity from the target.

Mercury Skeleton

An attempt by the perfection denizen Glory to replicate human bodies. Not overly succesful.

  • 6 hits
  • 1 WOUND by melee
  • 1 FEAR at range

Celestial Chorus (Composite Monster)

Burning Eyes (50%)

  • 9 hits
  • STUN every twenty seconds at range
  • FEAR every twenty seconds at range

Exterminating Angel (50%)

  • 7 hits
  • Long weapons
  • 3 WOUND by melee

Level 2


A monkey with silver fur and eight legs. They can also shoot web.

  • 6 hits
  • 2 WOUND both legs

Level 3

Riddling Beast

Like a metallic sphinx, but more smug. Supremely annoying.

  • 6 hits
  • 6 DODGEs
  • Special: Riddle me This: Every twenty seconds, you may ask a particular player a riddle – make sure they can hear it! Then slowly count down from ten to zero, stopping when they give the correct answer. If you reach zero, call DEC on them.

The Empire of Rastaban

Level 4

Imperial Weaver Infantry

  • 12 hits
  • One appropriate weapon call
  • One RESIST
  • Pick a plane: Connection, Perfection, or Conflict. There are no Erosion Weavers in the Empire - they despise it!
  • Use the normal rules for Plane Weavers for your chosen plane. Take the base amount of spell charge, to use on some appropriate spells.

Legatus Denarion

  • ???
  • Fights with a spear
  • Pings Throne

The Unbroken Chain

Level 2

Conflict Binder Type A

  • 6 hits
  • Every 3 hits call STAGGER
  • Once call STAGGER for free on top of that

Conflict Binder Type B

  • 6 hits
  • Every 3 hits call REPEL
  • Once call REPEL for free on top of that

Connection Binder

  • 5 hits
  • Ranged Healing
  • Cast HEAL FULL once at range

Conflict Emu

  • 10 hits
  • AI: Eat it - Prioritise Connection denizens and snacking on the players’ stuff.
  • Special: I’ll Eat Anything - 10s of eating roleplay to eat anything. Just. Just eat it. If you eat the Philosopher’s Stone, call TIME FREEZE and congrats you are now an Omega Emu. An Emuga if you will.
  • Special: I’ll Yeet Anything - Once you’ve eaten something, you may call STAGGER at range as you throw it from your mouth. Just. Just yeet it.
  • Special: If you can’t see me… - Instantly go into Stealth once by sticking your head in the sand.

Perfection Kiwi

  • 1 hit
  • Backstab at will
  • Short weapons
  • Special: Shy - 6 reactive SELF-STASIS instead of being hit
  • AI: Stupid - Lose interest on anything not in your immediate vicinity

Unbroken Chain Bats

  • 5 hits
  • 3 DODGE
  • Special: I AM THE MID-AFTERNOON. 3 Stealths. You may move while Stealthed so long as you go “EEE! EEE! EEE!” as you do. If you don’t move you do not have to go “EEE! EEE! EEE!”
1) There wasn't time to bring it out on The Empire Strikes Back, but if someone wants to try it out some time…
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