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Class Feature: Initiate's Vow

  • When you join the cult of an Imperial Muse, you swear a vow.
  • As a Paladin of the Torch, pick one vow from below:
  • I will never choose what is easy over what is right.
  • I will never tell a lie.
  • I will never leave the helpless unprotected.
  • You should roleplay this vow accordingly.
  • This vow allows you to use Might to perform the Acts below.
  • If you ever feel as though you have violated your vow, let the GM know:
  • You will lose all your Might for the adventure.

Class Feature: Might

  • Each Act costs 1 Might to perform.
  • Might is restored between encounters.
  • Each Paladin begins with 2 Might.
  • Your maximum Might can be increased by purchasing the 'Might' Paladin Skill.


  • You must purchase Acts with XP as you would normal skills.


Embers Rekindled

  • Call FIGHT ON!

Piercing Gaze

  • Your gaze pierces the guilty.
  • You may call a FEAR at someone whose eyes you meet.

Guiding Light

  • Your eyes fill with torchlight. Your way ahead is clear.
  • You may use this act when you are unclear of what to do next.
  • The Torch will provide some form of guidance at GM discretion.


Burning Blade

  • Your blade begins to flicker with unearthly flame.
  • You may call WOUND on your next blow.

One with Flame

  • You can absorb fire and force, redirecting it to your whims.
  • You may use this act reactively to do the following:
  • RESIST a BLAST, calling HEAL 6 on yourself instead.
  • Alternatively, at GM discretion, to resist the ill-effects from exposure to a mundane source of flame: e.g. a burning building.

Stoke the Flames

  • You burn away the doubt from your own or another's mind.
  • For the rest of the encounter the target will act on their current conviction without distraction or doubt. Whilst doing so they are IMMUNE to FEAR.



  • You may use this Act when you are 10s into your death count.
  • Call FIGHT ON! on yourself.


  • You can burn your life essence rather than succumb to weakness.
  • You may use this act reactively to do the following:
  • Take a DOUBLE to gain a MENTAL RESIST.


Dazzling Radiance

  • You hold out an open hand. A beam of sacred light shines forth, dazzling them.
  • Call STUN.
  • Alternatively, at GM discretion, this ability can be used to fully illuminate an area or allow everyone in the encounter to see properly.




  • You must accept a painful truth about the situation you are facing to use this Act.
  • In combat: “we are going to lose this fight.”
  • Call HEAL 6 on yourself.
  • In conversation: “I cannot convince this person of what is right.”
  • Gain 1 psyche.

Light Eternal

  • Concentrate for 10s.
  • As long as you remain alive and fighting, none of your allies may fall below one hit.
  • If this ceases to be the case, call LIGHT ETERNAL DOWN.
  • Only one person may have LIGHT ETERNAL active in an encounter.
  • If someone else calls LIGHT ETERNAL, call LIGHT ETERNAL DOWN.




  • You have made an icon to the Muse you follow.
  • Twice per adventure you may use this to attempt to divine the Muse's opinion on a matter.
  • The responses, if they arrive are generally cryptic.
  • Icons are hard to lose or break.
  • If either occurs, they will likely find there way back to the paladin, restored, after a couple of encounters.
  • Paladins of the Torch typically carry some form of light source as their icon.
  • This light will never go out.
  • When carrying this icon, the paladin is IMMUNE to FEAR.


Holy Intent (Downtime)

  • You may ceremonially declare a goal that you are pursuing.
  • Once per encounter, when in pursuit of your goal, you may call FIGHT ON! on yourself or a member of your party.
  • Furthermore, word will quickly spread through Rastaban that this declaration has been made and that you made it.
  • You may also receive other effects at GM discretion.
  • You may only have one Holy Intent.
  • Performing this ceremony again can end the declaration or re-target it.


Torch's Embrace

  • Once per adventure may perform a great feat within your Muse's purview.
  • For example, you may guide another to acceptance of a difficult truth, permanently banish a source of metaphysical darkness, or protect those who are weaker or more vulnerable than you.

Icon Attunement

Pre-req: Icon

  • Your icon gives you a limited ability to gauge the conviction of others.
  • Twice per adventure, you may cast the light of your icon over another.
  • You will learn of something that this person fears.
  • Further information may be provided at GM discretion.


Help the Helpless

  • While you are no more than 5m from an ally who is bleeding out;
  • And you are actively fighting to defend them:


Echoes of Self

Pre-req: Icon Attunement

  • For one encounter per adventure, your icon bursts into flames as your heart blossoms with conviction.
  • While fighting for something you believe in, you may spend 2 psyche to gain an extra Might.
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