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Meeting Place

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The directions given below generally assume that people will be coming from the direction of Oxford town centre. For those travelling from elsewhere, it's recommended that you make your way to Magdalen Roundabout, also known as “The Plain”, and follow the directions from there. The Magdalen Roundabout is just to the east of Magdalen Bridge and the River Cherwell, and is the point where the High Street, St. Clement's Street, Cowley Road and Iffley Road all meet.

Magdalen Road runs between the Cowley and Iffley roads, about fifteen minutes' walk south-east of Magdalen Bridge.

By foot or by bike:

Walk down the Cowley Road for approx. 15 minutes, until you see the City Arms and the Regal on your right. Alternatively, walk down Iffley Road until you see the Magdalen Arms pub on your left. Turn into Magdalen Road; the Magic Café is about halfway down, opposite The Rusty Bicycle.

By car:

Traffic on the Cowley Road is often atrocious, and Magdalen Road is not accessible (it's a one-way road). A more sensible bet is to go down Iffley Road (third exit from the Plain roundabout if you're coming from the High Street) and find somewhere nearby to park.

By bus:

For those coming by bus, the #1 and #5 go down the Cowley road from the town centre; the #3 and #4 go down Iffley Road. Ask for the “Magdalen Arms” stop on Iffley Road or the “Bingo hall” on Cowley Road. Buses cost approx. £1.60 from the town centre.

From the Station:

From the train station, a taxi will cost approx. £4-8 pounds, and might be worthwhile if you're carrying a lot of gear or have more than two people. Alternatively, walk out of the station forecourt and turn left into Frideswide Square; continue straight on the left-hand side of the road as the square turns into Hythe Bridge Street. Follow the street up until you see a large car park on your right, then cross the road at the lights and turn left onto George Street. Continue up George Street until you reach a large crossroads with bus stops on your left; turn right onto Cornmarket Street. At the end of Cornmarket, you will be at the Carfax crossroads, where you can either take a bus (as above) or turn left onto High Street and walk to the Plain (AKA Magdalen Roundabout), then follow the directions above.

The #5 and #4 buses also go direct from the station forecourt and Frideswide Square respectively. There are fewer buses from the station area than from Carfax.

Post-LARP Pub

The post-LARP pub is the Rusty Bicycle, conveniently opposite the Magic Cafe (described above)

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