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  • Paladins have a pool of Might they can use to accomplish Acts during an encounter.
  • Starting paladins begin with two Might.
  • All Paladins must swear a vow on joining their order. Breaking the vow will cause the paladin to lose access to their special powers for the adventure.

Class Feature: Initiate's Vow

  • Every Paladin must swear a vow which they must cleave to at all times.
  • See the Order page for your chosen Order for more details.

General Paladin Skills

  • All Paladins may purchase these skills.

Lv 1


  • Gain one Might.


Sense Devotion

  • You may sense other paladins or Muses.
  • In addition, you can tell whether a paladin you meet is following the same path as you.
  • At GM discretion, you can sense significant acts which have taken place recently in the vicinity.

Lv 2


  • Gain one Might.

Lv 3


  • Gain one Might.

Lv 4


  • Gain one Might.

Lv 5

Personal Vow

  • You may, once ever, make a personal vow.
  • This represents your unique relationship to your Muse.
  • When you purchase this skill, contact the LARPO.
  • Together we will work out the advantages and drawbacks of this vow.
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