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Plane Weaver

Certain individuals have the ability to interact with the congruent planes, drawing them momentarily closer and twisting the nature of reality.

Powered By


  • Connection is powered by forging connections between people and things.
  • Connection spells have a cast time and/or role-playing requirements.


  • Perfection is all about the pursuit of perfection, comprehending reality, and oneself.
  • Perfection spells cost psyche hits and/or have role playing requirements.


  • Conflict is all about struggle and opposition.
  • Conflict weavers gather power by hurting people before they cast their spells.


  • Erosion is all about time and the inevitable unmaking of all things.
  • Erosion spells cost the caster time.


  • Rituals give weavers the ability to try more freeform magic to have greater or more long-lasting effects than normal spells.
  • The ritualist will specify an outcome they hope to attain by peforming the ritual.
  • A bead bag is used. By default, the bag contains two white and one black bead.
  • Then, the ritualist must draw beads from the bag until they draw a white or black bead.
  • A white bead indicates success.
  • A black bead indicates failure.
  • Weavers with the ritual skill can collaborate to bring about a more complex or powerful effect.
  • Each weaver must be performing a ritual of the same level.
  • For each weaver collaborating in this way, add one black bead to the bead bag.
  • Weavers of opposing planes (Conflict ↔ Connection; Erosion ↔ Perfection) cannot collaborate.

Plane Weaver Skills

All Plane Weavers may purchase these skills.


Plane Sight

  • The Weaver's vision is overlayed with the plane to which they are aligned.
  • This allows weavers of all types to sense the intrusion of any plane into the waking world.


Req: Plane Sight

  • You have formed a bond with a being native to your plane.
  • Only you can see and hear your familiar.
  • They are a sentient intelligent creatures who spend most of their time about their own business in the plane.
  • They cannot normally interact with the material world but they can strengthen your spirit:
  • +1 psyche.

Nascent Ritualist

  • Once per adventure, you can attempt to perform rituals of minor power.


Channel Power

Pre-req: Familiar

Your familiar strengthens your connection to this plane, improving your ability to cast spells.

  • Connection: The familiar grants an additional use of the CONNECTION call per encounter.
  • Conflict: The familiar counts as a valid target for argument.
  • Perfection: Your familiar grants you one essence per encounter.
  • Erosion: Your familiar can concentrate for you. Once per encounter, when you would lose concentration: do not lose concentration.

Ritual Chamber (Downtime)

  • As a Downtime action: you can perform a ritual of a power level you have mastered.

Planar Lore

  • You understand the nature of your own plane well.
  • If you ever find yourself there you gain all the benefits of the Survivalist skill.


Shared Knowledge

  • You familiar is able to give helpful knowledge on a topic upon which it has expertise.
  • Pick a subject which your familiar is an expert in.
  • You count as having access to the Knowledge skill for that subject.

Awakened Ritualist

Pre-req: Nascent Ritualist

  • Once per adventure, you can attempt to perform rituals of moderate power.


Duality of Mind

Pre-req: Familiar

  • Gain one MENTAL RESIST per encounter.

Master Weaver

  • You understand the nature of all of the planes and their interaction with the mundane world.


Master Ritualist

Pre-req: Awakened Ritualist

  • Once per adventure, you can attempt to perform rituals of major power.


Pre-req: Master Weaver & Master Ritualist

  • Once per adventure, you may, with 5 minutes of concentration, find a point that lets you travel physically to your plane.
  • You may, if you wish, take your party with you.
  • Alternatively you may attempt to permanently merge the local region with your plane.
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