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Ichor Savant


  • 8 hits
  • 6 psyche
  • 3 common ichorwerks (yellow foam balls) per encounter
  • Wields Blade: Gain a RESIST. You can only use this RESIST when on full hits.
  • Wields Buckler (strapped to arm). You can call IMMUNE to any effect call which hits a buckler you are holding.
  • Affiliation: Imperial Commission, Order of the Enlightened Mind
  • Home District: Imperial District (Commission)

Class Feature: Ichorwerk

  • Ichor Savants of the Imperial Commission undergo extensive training and modification. They do this by ingesting small amounts of black ichor, which they differentiate within themselves.
  • Differentiated ichor is extruded from the pores and collected in clay balls, which can be drunk from, thrown, or given to others to do the same. This is a kind of ichorwerk.
  • Starting level Commissioners begin with the ability to make 2 common ichorwerks per encounter. This is represented OC by starting each encounter with two yellow foam balls.
  • You do not have to determine what an ichorwerk is until you throw/drink/donate it. However, it must be of the correct type and must be an ichorwerk you know how to make.
  • Ichorwerks expire at the end of the encounter in which they are produced.
  • You can view a full list of ichorwerks here.

Ichorwerk in Play

  • You should roleplay drinking ichorwerk concoctions when you use them. This requires the use of one of your arms.
  • Ichorwerk can also be thrown. They take effect upon successfully striking an enemy.
  • If an ichorwerk can be thrown, its description will say so.
  • Ichorwerks which are thrown and which miss shatter and are expended.

Class Feature: Mutation

  • Starting level Commissioners begin with one mutation.
  • Mutations are viewed in Rastaban with great respect, and there is nothing grotesque or bad about possessing them.

Class Feature: Affiliation

  • Gain the Affiliate skill for the Imperial Commission.


Expressive Antennae
  • Antennae protrude from your head.
  • You can use these to attempt to communicate with creatures who may otherwise be insensible to language.
  • OC, you may attempt to use of words of one syllable to communicate with such creatures.
  • Brief the GM about this ability at the start of any adventure.
  • Your calf muscles elongate and your heels swell with a rubbery mass.
  • You can jump across large gaps or up high with ease.

Available Ichorwerks

Fate's Scorn
  • Call STUN by flask.
Savant's Folly
  • Call FIGHT ON! by flask.
Bloody Scythe
  • When drunk: call MASS WOUND ARM.

Ichor Savant Skills

Hybridize (Common)

  • Your body can produce 3 types of common ichorwerk.

Fecundity (Common)

  • Your body can produce 1 additional common ichorwerk per encounter.
  • OC, this is represented by a yellow foam ball.

Weapon Skills

Weapon Specialisation

  • Blade: Gain a RESIST. You can only use this RESIST when on full hits.

Fighting Style Skills


Use Buckler

  • You can use a buckler in either hand.
  • You can call IMMUNE to any effect call which hits a buckler you are holding.
  • You may then make this call back against the person who called it on you.

Body Skills


  • +2 hits.

Contacts Skills

Affiliate - Imperial Commission, Order of the Enlightened Mind

  • You have basic contacts with an organisation.
  • You can generally get to see someone relatively important within the organisation.
  • Once per adventure the organisation will investigate a question and provide an answer for you (assuming it is something they can reasonably answer and would trust you with).
  • You may also always ask your organisation if there is anything they want you to achieve on any given adventure.
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