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Wheel Paladin (★)


  • 6 hits
  • 6 psyche
  • 3 Might
  • Wields Balanced: Gain a RESIST. You can only use this RESIST when on full hits.
  • Affiliation: Foresters Guild; Order of the Wheel
  • Home District: Outside the Embrace

Class Feature: Initiate's Vow

  • I will always accept the call to adventure.
  • You should roleplay this vow accordingly.
  • This vow allows you to use Might to perform the Acts below.
  • If you ever feel as though you have violated your vow, let the GM know:
  • You will lose all your Might for the adventure.

Class Feature: Might

  • Each Act costs 1 Might to perform.
  • Might is restored between encounters.
  • Each Paladin begins with 3 Might.

Class Feature: Affiliation

Paladin Skills


Effortless Evasion

  • Gain a DODGE.
  • You may use this act reactively (i.e. in response to someone making a melee call against you).


  • At the end of a uninterrupted charge of at least 5m, you may call STAGGER 5 at the target of your charge.

Weapon Skills

Weapon Specialisation

  • Balanced: Gain a RESIST. You can only use this RESIST when on full hits.

Fighting Style Skills

Single Weapon Focus

Uses a one-handed weapon with nothing in the off-hand

  • When you adopt the Single Weapon Focus fighting style, you may not hold a weapon or shield your off-hand for the rest of the encounter.
  • You may swap your off hand / weapon hand freely so long as one hand remains the off-hand.
  • You may still throw Ichorwerk with your off-hand.
  • This hand still counts as a free hand for the purposes of spellcasting and other non-weapon abilities.

Single Weapon

Resolute Companion

  • When you adopt this fighting style: gain one DODGE against every monster physrep.


Pre-req: Resolute Companion

  • When you adopt this fighting style: you may triple any remaining weapon calls from the Weapon Talent and Weapon Mastery skills for this weapon.

Body Skills


  • Whenever being healed (by HEAL or FIGHT ON) from 0 hits,
  • You may take an AGILITY.

Contacts Skills

Affiliate - Foresters Guild; Order of the Wheel

  • You have basic contacts with an organisation.
  • You can generally get to see someone relatively important within the organisation.
  • Once per adventure the organisation will investigate a question and provide an answer for you (assuming it is something they can reasonably answer and would trust you with).
  • You may also always ask your organisation if there is anything they want you to achieve on any given adventure.
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