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A Dream of Empire

Initial Brief

All around the walls crumble and the populace dwindles and the fields lie fallow: but the people still dream of Rastaban, Rastaban the glorious and perfect and undiminished, and in that dream of Rastaban they dream themselves, and in their hearts the Empire never dies…

It is the annual Day of Dreams. Citizens are confined to their bedrooms, and provided with sleeping drafts.



  • The players find themselves in a dream of the Golden Age of the world, where the Empire of Rastaban was at its largest.
  • They partake as an elite fighting force responsible for breaking the seige on a castle on a hill, which they are instrumental in securing.
  • Over a victory feast, they speak to others in Rastaban who have adopted characters within the dream.
  • Afterwards, they are clearing bodies into a large fire, when something goes wrong - a body screams when put into the flame, refusing to die. The sky seems to crack.
  • Retreating into a gatehouse, the party fend off an attack from more risen bodies, and an entity which brings them back to life. They move from here into a shifting maze of impaled bodies, before retreating into a twisted kind of temple. They confront another impaled figure inside, who compels them to kneel.
  • Defeating a gigantic composite corpse, reality seems to crack once more, nothingness pouring in. Cold light illuminates a desolate void, as the party fight corpses again. Corpses and party members alike that find themselves caught in certain lights disappear entirely.
  • The party members that disappear are almost swept into an outer darkness, but claw their way back towards warmth. However, so too does an unsettling non-human entity that was reviving corpses earlier.
  • Suddenly, all is well. The party walk down a long row of applauding soldiers, who sing a marching song from earlier.

Glory, glory to Rastaban
Glory to the Empire’s bourne
Glory, glory to the Emperor
To whom our lives our sworn

Glory, glory to Rastaban
Glory to the Empire’s peace
Glory, glory to the Emperor
May conquest never cease!


  • Marius writes an apology letter to Watcher, after being given a light warning from the Guild.
  • Ramona and Marius find out more about dreams, the Day of Dreams, and the forest.
  • Rosey and the Watcher meet and come to an arrangement.
  • Kit learns more about items and shaping and dream.



  • Gain 1 Favour.
  • Occasionally, you glimpse in your dreams an impaled figure, mouthing something with its ruined lips. If you try and focus on it, it disappears.
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