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A Nightmare Blossoms

Initial Brief

Certain people are being brought in for examination under the order of the city. Do not worry about it, Citizen.


  • Mordecai
  • Heston
  • Marius
  • Inquisitor



The comes out in the Torch Sanctum, Mordeccai with bright green eyes and covered in blood. Inquisitor has terrible scars up one side. They subdue Chosen Devereux and tie her up.

Heston, Marius and Mordecai go and fetch the Foresters Guild. Heston and Marius put responsibility on Mordecai who leads the Foresters Guild to the Torch Sanctum. Heston, Marius and Mordecai have a disagreement, then jump in a pond.

Meanwhile, Inquisitor takes Devereux to the Imperial Bureaucracy and gives evidence about her supposed crimes.. A full debrief is given and Devereux is taken into custody. She is not seen again.

At the Torch Sanctum, plans are put into place to deal with the situation. The Order of the Torch takes the lead on the ongoing investigation.

Marius can still hear Atvia. Mordecai insists on everyone getting their brains fixed. They and Heston go to the Guild to report. Marius mentions that the Inquisitor helped. Mordecai coughs up petals and Marius casually mentions being possessed by a Forest entity. They both submit themselves for examination and Averick Goodie is summoned to perform an Anointment to remove Altvia from Marius' mind, with the help of a team of powerful Forest Touched.

Heston goes to the Imperial Commission to cleanse himself with ichor.

Meanwhile, Inquisitor cries. She uses Undercover Agent to infiltrate the Order of the Torch and influence damage control.

The guild is espescially grateful to Heston, Marius and Mordecai. Notably, Marius reports that the Forest entity tricked a Shroud paladin into thinking it was the Shroud and letting it in. Saying that the Order of the Shroud may have been compromised, eyes are averted.Mordecai argues against this statement.

Mordecai mentions calling the power of the Rod to bat the entity out of their mind. Order of the Shroud may have been compromised.

They tell the Order of the Rod about eating Nega-Mordecai. Heston complains that there was no reason for him to be there and is completely honest in his report about the rest of the party. Mordecai goes back to Fire Lord who is impressed and lets them therapeutically fight skeletons. The Lord of Skeletons asks Mordecai to bring skeletons in the future. Mordecai talks to the Order of the Rod about shroud paladins who wanted to punch trees. The Order of the Rod want to “infightisgate” it.



  • Terrible scars down one side of your body
  • You have opened the door to Atvia, to the Forest, and cannot confirm if it is now closed.
  • 3 Favour


  • Afflictions- Feeble mind(A sense you are a part of a greater whole), Strong mind(Your sense of direction is always off, directing you towards the forest), Chronic Body(Your body tries ferociously to tear itself apart, the forest side grows ever stronger)
  • 3 Favour


  • Afflictions- Feeble mind(Compulsively slipping into plurals when referring to self), Strong Mind(You appear to leave blackened stains on everything you touch)
  • 3 Favour


  • Afflictions- Feeble body(Your eyes are an unnerving green colour) Strong Body(You occasionally cough up petals), Strong Mind(Your sense of direction is completely off, always directing you towards the forest), Severe Body(A powerful craving to eat parts of the Forest)
  • 3 Favour
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