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Casus Belli

Initial Brief

As the Empire marches on Fools Landing with overwhelming force Elias the Warden of Gateway discreetly contacts individuals for an important mission. The people of Fools Landing have declared themselves citizens of the true Empire of Rastaban and in the same breath demanded the protections which such fealty engenders. It falls to you to ensure we are not forsworn in this.





4 Favour from Elias and pleased Councillors


  • Has discreetly encouraged the Order of the Throne to 'assist' the Telemere army
  • Rescued the partisan leader Wilhem from the ruins of Fool's Landing and brought him to Jeremiah for treatment


  • Returned improved from Perfection, now standing half a foot taller and with hair of flame-hued copper and bronze.


  • Published a treatise on the ability of forest infection to go undetectable for a significant duration. This caused considerable alarm in academic circles before other parties began removing the text from circulation.
  • Is in his king's good graces for getting the Telemere army up and running.


  • Has declared a Holy Vow to defeat the False Empire of Rastaban
  • Has a position manning the walls of Gateway (though is kept far from the Foreign district)
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