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Great Balls of Fire

I just wanted this to tag on my Adventure summaries so I made this

And I added more tags and the initial brief as part of the Great Taggening of 2018 <3

Initial Brief

The Combined Orders of the Muses (as well as the Forester's Guild) are pleased to announce the annual Cleansing of encroaching areas of Forest on Rastaban land. Due to recent events the schedule has been brought forward to enact swift retribution on the evils of that place.

The Order of the Throne is looking for brave citizens to accompany devices of pure sanitization into tactical areas of the forest. This is an ideal opportunity to show your devotion to the city and witness first hand the glory of the Orders as they combat those monsters that attempt to flee into Rastaban.

The Order will be very grateful to any volunteers that come forth, or, in the likely event of their glorious death in the service of the Empire, to a nominated beneficiary.



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