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Hatevil's House

Initial Brief

You receive an invitation in a gilded envelope.

You are hereby invited to attend a reception at the house of HATEVIL STINGELHELM in the Imperial Boulevard on the evening of OVERMORROW for drinks, nibbles and a GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT.

Please kindly RSVP as soon as convenient.



  • A selection of Rastaban's most noteworthy citizens arrive at Hatevil Stingelhelm's townhouse where Hatevil has a big announcement in store. However, for now he is content to let his guests wait in anticipation.
  • Nibbles are served. The stew is insulted.
  • Inquisitor struggles to communicate her new rank to anyone.
  • As is so often the case, the subject of romance comes up. Jasine claims to have a crush on Mabel who awkwardly attempts to corroborate the lie. The esteemed guest, Master Commissioner Draconis demonstrates the art of fish flirtation in both the circle-drawing technique and the flopping about on the floor technique.
  • Hatevil makes his shocking announcement; that the one responsible for the destruction of the Stingelhelm Mansion was none other than his own sibling, Sly Genet.
  • Inquisitor, Jasine and Mabel hold a secretive conversation in a dark corner, which ends with Jasine fleeing the building, followed by Mabel being pursued by Inquisitor, cowled in darkness.
  • Aurelia Darling and Meridian arrive and take up a sofa between them. With Petra turning up, the conversation topic of choice returns once more to flirtation.
  • Zosime comes looking for her father but since Master Commissioner Draconis has left, she instead takes advantage of Hatevil's nibbles (causing Meridian to express his disgust at her eating habits), and takes a nap in front of the fireplace.
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