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Out of Shape

Initial Brief

Shaper Torrance of the Shaper’s College would be particularly grateful for productively integrated citizens with a prudent sense of discretion to assist in the conduction of repairs, or rather – improvements – at the summit of the second tallest tower in Rastaban – that of the Shaper’s College.



The party carry the incapacitated body of the Thief entity back downstairs to talk to Shaper Jeas. Wardens Baudolino, Jessamy and Asli Celestine are summoned to discuss the matter. Eventually it is agreed that the Imperial Commission should be permitted custody of the entity. The body is placed on Jessamy's back who scuttles off to the commission.

While Matthias and Alessia wait in the waiting room, Benten and Cassiellie go in with Jessamy. Jesamy gets as far as determining that the entity is not ichor related before a soft bell tinkles and a black envelope bearing a silver seal drops down a chute. Jessamy inspects the symbols inscribed on the letter and rings a bell. Immediately cowled figures step in, take the body and melt away into the shadows.

Benten reports to the commission that Matthias was touched by the entity. Together, Cassiellie and Matthias study the necklaces. They find that they are neither ichor, nor ichor-aligned. Matthias cannot bend their purpose initially but after a while of experimentation, finds that it is now possible. It appears the necklaces are still connected to the entity.

Matthias dreams of the entity. It speaks of its siblings and laughs. Matthias laughs. He wakes up laughing and crying grey tears.

Alessia learns that there are interconnections she doesn't understand yet.

Gidie talks with Justa.


Gidie Berger

  • +2 Favour

Benten Gear

  • +2 Favour
  • +1 Favour from Imperial Commission
  • +1 Favour from the Order of the Wheel

Jemil Tabriio

  • +2 Favour
  • A Shape Key from the College


  • +2 Favour
  • Constellation mark
  • Access to epic tree…

Alessia Doubt

  • +2 Favour

Cassiellie Dawn Dracona

  • +2 Favour
  • +1 Favour from the Imperial Commission
  • 2 necklaces
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