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Principle of Hierarchy

Initial Brief

Word drifts through the city that the Strategos Sofia Darling of the open sky chosen of the throne is looking for competent discrete individuals in order to undertake a mission critical to the coming glorious expansion of the empire.



The party are first briefed that the new Governor of the Blightwater principality which is what the empire is calling the northern most region which encompasses is due to be inaugurated at an event at their estate within the empire to the south. They are told to go to this event and steal as many powerful identities as they can.

The party first head out through the rundown tunnel network discovered to criss-cross the region. After encountering some grubs and fighting their way past some strange crystalline growths the party find themselves on the plains.

With several wheel paladins along they make swift progress and reach the wayroad before the legate of the army has passed. An ambush is set up involving a giant pit and using the powers of the wheel to forcefully relocate the convey allowing the party to defeat the legate and his bodyguards.

Mordecai steals the face of the legate who appears to be some form of Rod Paladin and the party head towards the estate. When they arrive they successfully bluff their way in as invited guests helped substantially by the fact Mordecai looks just like the Legate.

In a receiving chamber the party meet several notables: there is the Governor Elect Elizabeta; the local Archon Mallus; the High Archon Extranis; a local noble Jamalia and their functionary Terrigon. The party swiftly learn that the High Archon is here to brand the new governor with their symbols of office in a perfection ritual. As these marks are said to be very difficult to fake the party decide they need to kidnap and replace the governor elect before the ceremony. Fortunately the Governor leaves soon after to meditate before the ceremony in the local chapel. The party follow them their and Mordecai calling upon the power of the Rod attempts to rent the Governors mind Asunder, after a phykic combat he succeeds at this and the governor slumps to the floor a mindless husk, Jasine steals the face whilst Quinn disposes of the body and the group head back to the festivities.

They find a great feast underway during which the party make headway into investigating the various people gathered here. Jasine in disguise as the Governor acts Elect, while Quinn interrogates Jamalia about the Erosion artefact she can detect in her pocket. Jamalia deflects this while Mordecai nearly gives the game away to the Archon by failing to recognise them. They successfully backtrack, despite the Archon questioning the unorthodoxy of Quinn's interrogation of Jamalia too. Garrek talks to Roadlayer Merkel to try to determine the relationship between them and the Wheel.

Eventually however the High Archon slumps over seemingly poisoned by something that Quinn identifies as the work of Erosion. With the High Archon seemingly frozen in place the Archon orders Mordecai who he believes to be the Legate to help him escort the high Archon to the Chapel where perhaps the God Emperor may be entreated to help them. The party set of towards the chapel but on the way Garrek forcefully teleports the entire group including the Archon to a nearby field so that ganking may commence. Unfortunately he also teleports a squad of ninja conflict weaver assassins who were lurking in wait in the corridor. After a swift battle however the party are able to dispatch these and then turn on the Archon slaying him before taking his face. Jasine then teleports the whole group back to where they were before anyone notices their absence.

The party enter the chapel but realise that with the Archon dead no-one is quite sure how to entreat the God Emperor to aid in the High Archon's recovery. Fortunately Jasine is able to use an embrace to give the High Archon enough freedom to make the entreaty themselves. This appears to be successful and a glowing figure begins to ascend from above, their very presence scours the parties minds as they attempt to comprehend. Merdecai and Quinn do not and lose the ability to quantify, Garrick and Jasine meanwhile gain some understanding of the God Emperor.

Healed the High Archon tells the group to meet them in the inner Sanctum before effortlessly ascending upwards. The party do not find the ascent so trivial however finding they need to answer and series of riddles to float upwards which they eventually manage.

The requirements met the High Archon proceeds to brand Jasine with the marks of authority. This seems to be a painful process but Jasine seems to come out the other end more or less unscathed. The party then attack the High Archon in an attempt to steal their face. This proves to be a challenging fight as the plane of perfection rises to help them and some form of obedience failsafe in the governors brand repeatedly renders Jasine incapacitated with pain but eventually the party persevere taking the face of the High Archon before they once again freeze into an immobile statue.

As the party descends the tower Jasine finds that the bouts of crippling pain and growing in duration and frequency now the High Archon has been struck down. To combat this she retreats into her Elect conditioning to block it out.

Outside the chapel the party are confronted by Jamalia and Terrigon, who exclaims that Elizabeta is not worthy to be governor and attacks the party. Jamalia and most her minions are swiftly defeated but a pair of connection weaver twins prove all but impossible to kill.

Terrigon meanwhile after being killed stands back up and stops fighting the party instead trying to talk to them. Garrek eventually realises this is the Emperor Miyan and a short discussion ensues. This is innterupted by Quinn who decides they just need to die and attacks swiftly followed by the rest of the party. The bodies of their previously defeated foes also rise up and another fight ensues in which the party eventually triumph but only after losing their communication skull.


In the aftermath Jasine elects to stay on pretending to be the Governor as no-one else would have the marks of office. Quinn decides that they are done with Rastaban and taking the stolen face of the High Archon leaves to the east heading towards Eustragath.

Mordecai and Garrek head back to gateway to report to Sofia, they tell her most of what happened and hand over the stolen faces of the Archon and the Legate. They also hand over several letters from Jasine.

After reporting to the order of the wheel Garrek decides they need to help Jasine and heads back to the estate where they are still currently residing. They use an embrace to attempt to free Jasine from the Elect conditioning but when all this does is cause Jasine to scream in pain they are forced to stop by Suprema who was lurking outside.


  • Is now living in Eustragath as an Acolyte of Erosion, does not currently have plans to return.


  • Gain 5 favour
  • Is masquerading as the Governor although lack of emotions and administrative skill may prove problematic in the long run.
  • Is marked with the Symbols of Authority, these may be used as proof of high office within the empire of Rastaban and serve as identifying marks for those who can read them.
  • Is suffering from the Curse of the High Archon, this causes her to intermittently be under the effect Roleplay Exquisite Agony. This is a Severe Affliction of the Mind and is linked to the symbols of Authority.


  • Gain 5 favour


  • Gain 5 Favour
  • Has a slowly beating erosion heart
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