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Rubber Stamping

Initial Brief

Councillor-Apprentice Nakamen of Rom seeks couriers to handle some important documentation. Planar contact likely. Enquire at the head of Canal Tessera. The Councillor-Apprentice would be grateful for your assistance.



  • The players are hired to get some important documents ratified by the councillors of House Rom.
  • They first visit the house of Magister Zaboul, who after a brief test involving storms and whirlpools agrees to sign the document for them.
  • They next attempt to contact Magister Idris, they live in a gleaming metal tower and purportedly refuse to descend lower than the third level less the impure world mar them.
  • This proves to be true and the players are forced to ascend the tower into the plane of perfection itself. They avoid being turned into brass statues and eventually persuade Indris to sign the document as well.
  • The party next head to the grand bazaar to persuade Isabella the Grand Magister of the house to sign the document. She proves to be easy to find but difficult to persuade and eventually Kaeris gives up all memories of her father in return for getting the document signed.
  • One of the forest touched in the party also gives up all memories of a time before they encountered the wood in return for a substantial amount of favour.
  • The party are also approached by an individual wanting them to destroy the document and fail their mission but they turn them down.
  • To get the last signature the party head to the abode of Adhala, as they approached however they find the entire area overrun by erosion. Fighting their way past beings attempting to drag them down into the depths and several wards they eventually reach the Magisters laboratory.
  • After fighting of a denizen of deep erosion which their presence allows to escape from confinement Adhala also signs the document.
  • Lastly heading back to the council chambers the party are ambushed by the saboteur who attempted to bribe them earlier. They are eventually beaten however although are likely to hold a grudge against the two forest touched.



  • 1 favour for successfully completing the mission

Eli Jin

  • Have lost all memories of before you became a forest touched
  • 3 additional favour


  • Have lost all memories of their father.

Selva Sithigh

  • Has made a deal with a fear spirit from connection. It will contact her in the future.
  • Reports that the tower of Magister Idris seems to contain several humans turned into statues but this appears to achieve little.
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