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Spirit of Adventure

Initial Brief

Lyra the blessed is looking for capable individuals to track down a missing person.


Carta - Joe Garrek - Alex


The party talk to Lyra to attempt to find out more about this missing person, it emerges that the missing person is call Liliana and should be easy to find as they are 8 foot tall and purple. Lyra further states that she is not quite sure where they are as they fled through connection but states that the can perform a ritual to allow the party to follow their path through the plane. Lyra also finds a cultist who agrees to lend Garrick their body for the duration of the mission in a deal enabled by carta.

With the ritual performed the party head into connection, Carta finds himself in an unfamiliar almost alien feeling part of the plane, the rooms oddly out of proportion. Even more worryingly this portion of the plane seems to be infested by the forest nut whilst aware of their presence it strangely seems to leave them alone.

When they emerge from connection the party find that they have travelled beyond the forest to the Philosophy of Seluga. They quickly head to the nearest village and ask the locals whether a tall purple figure had passed through recently. Fortunately the answer is yes and they are given directions towards a nearby monolith. They are warned that as strangers without a place in the pattern they should report to the conclave first however.

The party progress on being forced to fight their way past some conclave forces here to investigate the strange goings on before eventually reaching the monolith.

There they meet an archaeological party who were examining the monolith but have now taken a break from that to talk to the strange purple being who has appeared in their midst. Over a light meal Garrek and Leliana get along swimingly both being interested in fun and adventure, whilst Carta has several secretive chats with interested parties.

After lunch Liliana agrees to leave with the party if they help them investigate the monolith first. From studying the runes Garrick thinks the monolith is perfection aligned in some way but beyond that is uncertain what it's purpose is. After navigating through some puzzle rooms the party find the entrance to the centre of the Monolith, Liliana and Gerrick enter first as Carta hangs back to see whether it is safe or not. Within Garreck sees a figure made of molten bronze who seems pinned to a stone slab by several large spears. The figure who stills seems to somehow be alive turns towards them but has barely got out the words 'Can you free me' before Garreck and Liliana begin pulling out the spears and promptly do so. Carta by this point getting bored starts to wander in only to meet the figure coming out. Before it departs it does however generously offer to answer one question from each of the two who freed it.

Fearing that Anata might use it to track her down Liliana uses trade intangibles to give her connection to the being away to Garrick. This swiftly proves to be a bad idea however as Garrick is overcome with a splitting headache as a loud voice demands he persuades Liliana to return now. As he tries to make arguments about personal freedom and how running away to go on adventures is a good thing this only gets worse until eventually Liliana is forced to swap back. Garrick's blessed mark has grown to encompass most of his face during the incident however.

When they head back out of the monolith the party are met by a party from the conclave led by someone called Melkovar. They attempt to persuade Liliana to return with them to Seluga. Carta having already made a deal does not object to this whilst Garrick is unwilling to make Liliana do anything they don't want to do. Just as it looks like things are going to resolve amicably Garrick gets a splitting headache and begins to exude mist in copious quantities. From the mist forest entities emerge and attempt to attack all involved. Eventually Garrick realises he is the source of the attacks and using a wheel embrace runs away, leaving the other in peace. He has a hair raising couple of days running perpetually through mist dodging death however.


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