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The Good Citizen

Initial Brief

All players arrive at The Good Citizen: a pub in Rivergate Town famed for its adventuring clientele. Here, people gather to trade stories of their latest exploits, and listen to news from every corner of the city.



Alcohol was imbibed. The drinking game variant 'Act, Fact or Pact' proved more or less as inclusive as Truth or Dare regarding religious sensitivity, but most people seemed to have fun flirting anyway.

Discussions in corners were had, and all manner of heresy and treason was doubtless discussed.

Half the people in the room were willingly punched into the air by Mordecai.

Everyone awkwardly witnessed the Stingelhelm family implode some more.

Information concerning the Forest was swapped. The topic of Gemini Doubt generally only came up at the most unfortunate of moments.

Everyone learned the true meaning of looming. And/or not to steal Watcher's chair.

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